Reo Zenith au Havoc (WIP) Large
Name: Reo Zenith
House: Havoc
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Physical Characteristics: -
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 168lbs
Body type: Athletic and muscular
Other Features: Silver/grey eyes, pale skin, wolf tattoo on left shoulder and down his left arm, several old faded scars from past battles over his chest back and arms and a scar over left eye.
Mental Characteristics: -
Stubborn and very headstrong, Reo tends to do things his own way and shirking rules and regulations if he can avoid it, he can have a short temper at times especially if someone decides to talk shit about people he cares about or criticizes his abilities, but he is very loyal to those he considers a friend and an ally. Surprisingly he gets along very well with children and he can't stand to see kids cry because of him and feels compelled to do all he can to prevent such upset, much to the amusement of other soldiers. That being said Reo is an able fighter and is among one of the best Havoc has to offer in terms of skill and strength even if his tactics can be a little unorthodox at best and downright dirty at the worst of times, no doubt something inherited form his childhood in house pandemonium.

Reo enjoys cooking and playing the guitar in his spare time, and has a habit of having a good stiff drink at the end of a very long and hard day.

Talents: - Excellent survival skills in the wild, Good cook, great both in hand to hand and swordsmanship, skillful if unorthodox battle tactics and adaptability, has immense endurance and is extremely hard to out down for good.
Home: - Cottage in the city
Job: - Master of Warcraft

Animal Form: - Dire Wolf

Bio: - Originally born in the house of Pandemonium the first few years of his life he was raised like any other child in that house, to be strong was key and to die a good death in battle is honorable, his mother however disagreed with this notion and soon found a way to escape the clutches of her clan and found a home with House Havoc who offered her and her child a home and a place among them so long as they adapted their way of life.

Reo never really knew or met his real father, only remembering him as a shadowy and imposing figure when he was but a toddler, and his mother soon came to marry a member of house havoc; his step father was an influential man and his parents positions gave Reo opportunities to train and become a master of warcraft.

Feat: - Shadow manipulation: This versatile ability combated with his wolf form or his sword skills makes him very good at sneak attacks, recon and assassination attempts as he can use the shadows for a variety of uses, from camouflage, Shadow teleportation to making deadly untraceable weapons or summons out of the stuff.

Character Goal: - Make his mother and house Havoc proud, fight long and live well.