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descriptionUpdate 10/12/2016

Welcome to the Usual, a brief that is done on a semi regular schedule with information about whats going both in character and out of character. I don't know who will eventually be responsible for making sure this gets put out daily but if you would like the job then feel free to volunteer, this is the introduction part where we talk about a general overview of everything or some blurb about stuff, it is the introduction above all things, but anyway lets move on.

General Stats: 

So as of today we have a total of 
26 Registered Accounts
14 Approved Characters
3 Characters Pending Approval
0 Characters Killed in Action Since the RP started (Good job guys)
3 Open Topics
0 Topics Pending Closure
1 Topic in the Secret Vault
The Newest Member to the Forum is Reo, an old friend that we are happy to have.

Administrative News:

So new things added to the forum involve a new Featured Video/Playlist, this one is again a form of music that in general may or may not help set the mood of what you are writing.

Additionally everyone was given an avatar, the default avatar is meant to shame you into getting a real avatar, the head admin has no remorse for those of you who didnt want to bother with getting an avatar for your accounts. 

We started the usual, I think its a great Idea. :d

The Story Drive:

We are driving towards the dam topic which will be the official start of the first major plot, short sightedness for us is we have no people of discord, we also need to verify which characters are going to be at the dam for the start of the major plot, we want one rep from each house, no more no less. If you want to have your character as a starter for the dam reply to this topic, with the character name and house.

Sub Goals:

Sub goals include discussing plans with each character to get them started in the right places/ways.

This concludes the roleplay announcements, if you have any questions please private message me or stim, feel free to discuss here.
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