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descriptionDauth au Chaum

“What should one desire more in life than it’s simple pleasures?”

The life of an heir is boring no matter what house you were in, or so believed Dauth au Chaum heir to the Chaum fortune. Every day experiencing only what family wishes for you, tailored learning, gathering all sorts of skills just for you to be properly groomed and used to make it like nothing ever changed. What was the point? People needed experience to change, and that’s what Dauth craved most; experience. It wasn’t long before He decided to use his influence to get just that.

A young spoiled teenager was what he became when he could somehow ditch those that supervised him while he was out of the house. He commanded things of the people in the markets receiving sweets for his “troubles.” Eventually this too was curtailed and he was watched more closely. He knew in order to get his way he was going to have to be a lot more creative.

He learned from a very young age, his early teens, that he was going to have large appetites in everything he experienced. Though going outside alone was prohibited, he did sneak around a lot in his manor, catching things from servants and various books and magazines left around. Eventually he confronted one of his tutors about it, all but manipulating her into his first sexual encounter. Eventually he did the same on most if not all of his tutors, male or female, all building to various forms of temporary physical relationships. He found small kinks each of them had and exploited them, pushing them to the tip of their boundaries, eventually becoming adept at doing so in a single session.

When he became an adult he purchased a building at the edge of the business district and turned it into a highly successful nightclub, if only because he had the means to buy off and… persuade those people who looked into the business ordinances. Everyone knew it was somewhere between a brothel and a drug den; “A place of the most vile of sins and people,” was the adage most commonly used. Dauth didn’t care as long as he was free to do as he pleased, which he was making quite the mass of money so no one had many means to stop him, he would continue to do so despite what a few prudes would say. He even often gloated that he’d keep them coming back if they gave in once.

That being said, Dauth had a few rules that were never to be broken. With his power and influence if you broke any of his rules you’d be lucky to get your fix with the lowest black market dealer. Everything in his club had to be consensual, and a Master’s consent did include for their slaves if specified. Nothing was to be altered without an explicit, not forced yes. Lastly, though some things may go to a point of death, as he didn’t need the police forces investigating him, that was not to be on his property. No rape, no drugging, no killing, were the main three.

During the Calamity, his tragedy turned into an opportunity. Luckily he had left for a bit as it happened enjoying the sinister, serene feeling this fog gave him. When he arrived back at his club it was destroyed with various predators ravaging what was left of his patrons. He needed to hide, somehow, some way. He pressed himself against the nearest wall, feeling himself change shape and his skin alter in various ways. He looked around slowly, waiting until it was safe. As he moved away from the wall, he realized his limbs were moving awkwardly. He smirked as much as he could after he calmed down from realizing he had turned into a mimic octopus. There were worse things.

He focused on learning to control every aspect of his transformation before changing it to reopen his club. He didn’t want to reopen it on the ruins, instead he focused on getting to the 69th floor of Siege Tower, turning that into his hovel of debauchery. As most of his regulars seemed to be eaten or insane, Dauth knew he’d need a way to entertain everyone until there were enough visitors. He wished for any ability to do that, hoping something would come to him. Another change came over him, a change in his physical sex. He laughed to himself, practicing the change a few times, giddy to experience much more now than before. He used his abilities to become people of various colors and genders as he found the people likely to frequent his establishment. He was looking forward to what was in store now.

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Physicality: Varies, but is a relatively thin being and normally tall. A pixie cut fits both his human forms handsomely and a hunger is normally present in his eye. His male form is like a light swimmers build, that he normally flaunts at most given chances. His female form has a slight hourglass figure with c-cup breasts. As his animal form allow him to shift colors nothing remains consistent otherwise.

Mentality: Narcissism coupled with a desire for almost everything one can feel. He is a very cunning and manipulative person, though he has a very loose code put in place for the sake of others. He understands a business is only as good as his patrons feel so he does his best to make his place a good environment or what it is. Otherwise, he’s only out for himself.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

House: Meticulous

Job: Operator of Floor 69 (Heir)

Animal: Mimic Octopus

Feat: Sex Change - Dauth has the ability to change his physical sex

Gender: Fluid but uses primarily male pronouns

descriptionRe: Dauth au Chaum

Good afternoon, Dauth au Chaum! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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