If you use anything that is not of your original design dont forget to leave a link to the source. (imgs, walls of text, and anything else of that nature, please give credit where credit is due)

Name: -
The name of your character is very important, it is initially a title and announces which family you come from. Within each house there are several small families in order to represent those families you take that families last name. The formatting of the name should be your first name followed by the name of your family, so if your name is Taleriu and your family name is Cruveto, Then in your profile it should be written as Taileriu au Cruveto Which should then be followed by (If your character has one) a Title so if your characters title is Rage Knight and you are from house Maelstrom your full character name will be,  

Taileriu au Cruveto the Rage Knight of Maelstrom

(note: au means "of house" or "of family")
(note: Shamed characters have no last name or title)

House: - See The Family Houses
Remember to be thorough in your research in regards to the houses, you must play the part of be labled as a potential spy  for another house. If you would like a more formal explanation on the mindset of the houses do not hesitate to ask as it is one of the most favorite subjects among admins.

Gender: -
You and your character are allowed to identify as whatever you please, unless your character is a slave or becomes enslaved, then it is to be noted that your master decides your gender by whatever means your master chooses. 

Age: -
For reasons of plot development all characters must be of age 12 or older, exceptions can be made for a good reasons, please take questions concerns and comments to admins. 

Alignment: - alignment test
Take the test as if you were the character not as if you were yourself, but you may also take it as if you were yourself for the fun of it.

Ethnicity: -
Be who you want to be, or who you were drawn as, choice is yours.

Physical Characteristics: - 
(Height, Weight,  Lean etc.) Be as Descriptive as possible.
Mental Characteristics: - 
(Phobias, Quirks, Habits etc.) Be as Descriptive as possible.
Talents: - 
Anything your character has a natural aptitude for, as in things he/she did not have to try very hard to accomplish on a regular basis. 
Home: -
This, is where you sleep at night, not where you come from, where you come from is to be listed in your character history. 
Job: -
Jobs can only be those listed on the character slots. However, anyone can request a job be on the character slots list, as we can't know everything, and could not think of any more jobs. You can find the job list here

Animal Form: -
As per listed in the rules you can be almost any animal, but special animals of a mythical nature require permission.

Bio: -
This is the meat and potatoes, anything that is not already listed within the character sheet should be listed here, it should explain unique traits about your character such as physical strength, speed, beauty, intelligence. It should also give a detailed outline of the past year for your character, how they survived, how they ended up with the job they have now. Certain character jobs (i.e., the Queen, & The Sovereign) will need other history based on the fact that their history plays direct impacts on the history of the RP up to its starting point so take all of that into consideration. Also understand that your Bio needs (should you develop your Feat now rather then later in the RP) to tell a story of how your Feat came into existence, presenting the specific circumstance that gave birth to it, why you needed it to work specifically the way it did, and how you mastered it (If you have) or the later results of using it (Accidentally or not). Lastly understand that your bio is essentially a stat sheet, while it is meant to tell the history of your character it also tells of your means to an education, so how intelligent your character is, how you character came to be so or not so charismatic, why your character stands so tall and is so adamant, why your character can move as dexterous as a feline or why your character seems to be lucky enough to escape near death on multiple occasions. Your bio can very be the end of an OOC debate in regards to what your character can and can not do within the RP.

Feat: - 
(A secondary mutation based on what your character has spent doing, living, or whatever during the last year [based on your bio.]) Feat

Character Goal: - 

This is the most required thing of all things within your character sheet, it must be a long-term goal, something you know you will have to work harder than just one forum thread to achieve. Examples include becoming the head of a house, or destroying another house, freeing the slaves of Discord. Which these goals can be used should you not be able to think of anything else. I encourage creativity, not only when creating this goal but when accomplishing it, sya your goal is to free the slaves, to throw a challenge onto it I would say free the slaves diplomatically and peacefully as possible.