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descriptionMalik au Bakuran The Sovereign, leader of Draconian and Meticulous

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Name: - Malik au Bakuran The Sovereign, leader of Draconian and Meticulous

House: - Draconian and Meticulous

Gender: - Male

Age: - 16

Alignment: - Chaotic Evil

Ethnicity: - European/Asian

Physical Characteristics: -
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 135lb
Body Type: Athletic
Eye Color: Gray
Skin Tone: Pale
Prominent Features: Red earrings, glasses (for show, doesn’t actually need them)
Face Shape: Round, angular
Hairstyle: Short
Hair Color: Silverish White
Hair Texture: Smooth
Favorite Clothing Style: Suits, Ties, Fancy Gloves, Long Coats
Favorite Jewelry/Accessories: Earrings, Dragon Claw Ring
Dragon Claw Ring: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Speech Pace: Average
Voice Tone: Deep, Authoritative
Words of Habit: 'I'll consider it', 'Prove it', 'Go fuck yourself'
Speech Pattern: Educated
Mannerisms/Demeanor: Calm, cool, collected; definitely off the wall
Typical Posture: Stiff and rigid mostly, slouchy and relaxed when alone

Personal Habit: Plays with dolls/puppets
Talents: Building, maintaining, playing with puppets and dolls
Unskilled At: Normal sixteen year old things.
Hobbies: Plays with dolls and puppets sometimes.

Mental Characteristics: -
Psychological Issues: Narcissism.
Optimist or Pessimist: In in middle somewhere
Most Comfortable: When he's sitting on his REALLY PRETTY LOOKING BONE THRONE
Approach To Life: Brave, Willing to do what he needs to when the time is right.
Quirks: Playing with his dragon claw ring when nervous, afraid of death (He did just murder a bunch of people for power. Who's to say the same won't happen to him?)
Phobia: Afraid of Death

Talents: - Doll crafting/Puppet making - His mom was obsessed with dolls since she was very young. She learned how to craft her own later in life to expand her collection. Through the course of her life, she ended up having several miscarriages so when she finally managed to have a child that survived, she decided to treat him as though he were a very priceless and rare doll. Which mentally fucked him up, but hey. He learned doll making from her and expanded it to puppetry and picked up a valuable skill.

Home: -  In the Sovereign’s Manor



Bio: - Things started as things often do with the mommy and the daddy loving each other very much. Babies are born and the like. One such baby was born into the world and destined for greatness. Though, the means of such greatness were up for a lot of debate. And no one ever mentioned to what degree of greatness was to be obtained. Most would have defined it as simply making ends meet for themselves or others would have defined it as falling in love and continuing their bloodline. There could be other means of greatness, be they so great they get recorded for the history books or just little personal feats one could be proud of themselves for. Though, murdering one’s way to the top of the food chain works just as well.

Our story begins as they often do with an aspiring teenager whose Father worked closely with the previous Sovereign. Be it his innate intelligence, the strategies he came up with for certain things, or the previous leader of the free world being an indecent man, he took notice to Malik. For how long he’d noticed him either no one noticed or care, the point was his man of power saw fit to add the younger’s name to a list of paper at one point or another before his demise.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Young Malik, when he was able to get away from his overbearing Mother, spent time with his Father learning the ways of the world. We’re not saying the man was violent or anything, but he had a form of discipline that left its marks in the mind of the young man. Which could also be why when the old Sovereign started to pay attention to him, he did everything in his power to get on the man’s good side. Which may or may not have led to him learning about his name being on a very special list. Which is where our lovely story takes a turn for cruelty. No one in their right mind would rightfully elect a minor to a seat of enormous power. Certain measures needed to be taken and thus he devised a plan.

His family had enough wealth to accomplish his goals as it turned out. Not surprising given his Mother’s hobby and his Father’s job. The first task was going to be the hardest though, the removal of his parents.As it turns out, the removal of their wealth for nefarious deeds would definitely be noticed if they were allowed to live. He chose to wait for them to be asleep one night, sneaking into their bedroom. Now his plan had, at first, involved the torturous murder of his father, but he opted for pressing a gun between the man’s eyes, waiting for them to open, smirk, and pull the trigger. The blood splatter against his porcelain brought a ghastly image to his mother’s mind when she woke up, staring at her son’s silhouette in the moonlight. Perhaps it was the fact he looked like a perfect doll for those brief moments that stunned her. Or was it the shock of the dead man next to her that made it so her son could easily inject her with the paralytic? Death wouldn’t have been a good enough punishment for his mother, no he had other plans.

Being as young as he was, he had a crude medical knowledge. But a little bit of research and the right amount of certain drugs combined together with just enough patience, he was able to completely immobilize his mother; she was still alive, still aware of what was happening to her, but there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it. Her son planned on turning her into the perfect living doll. She thought she could do that to him, well he had a far better idea on how to make that work. Even went as far as hiring someone to take care of her so he could take care of other matters.

Those other matters being the methodical, systematic murder of his competition. Hired assassins and the perfect fall guys and a set up later, there was only one name on that list worthy to be Sovereign by the time the old one met his demise. Sure, there were people who were iffy about letting someone so young on the seat of so much power, but what other choice did they really have? And thus the new Sovereign came into being.

Feat: - Doll Manipulation - In between making his mother into a doll herself and making and maintaining his own dolls, something interesting happened. He was working on a new doll concept that he planned on weaponizing. One of his tools was just out of reach and he sighed, wishing that he could reach it without having to get up. There was a doll next to it, why couldn’t they just get up and hand it to him? He had gone so far as to reach out for it when he decided he just couldn’t reach it. So he sighed and decided to work on something else when the one doll on the desk in front of him got up. He had caught movement out of the corner of his eye and glanced up to stare at a doll handing him the tool that he had wanted. He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him so he offhandedly told the doll to do a backflip off the table. He stared in disbelief as the toy did just that. So further testing was done to see the extent of this new ability that he seemed to have.

Character Goal: -  Wants to rule over everything. Will keep everything literally the same as it is, just wants to make sure that he rules over it.

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descriptionRe: Malik au Bakuran The Sovereign, leader of Draconian and Meticulous

Good afternoon, Malik au Bakuran! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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