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Administrative News:

So, for you guys wondering what Staff actually does, we have a Map Now which can be found by clicking this link. [x] Additionally we have a new Banner on its way  check discord to see when its creation is being live streamed. Normally after 7 - 8 pm EST.

We are working on adding a character of the week, but first we need to establish a better means of working on this sooo, it will come in good time.

Welcome Welcome! We slacked off on this the past few days, but I'm here know to update you on the comings and goings of Lumos! So we have a couple new posts started in the past week or so but due to some unfortunate scheduling and sudden changes in plans we're still working a bit on regular posting. It feels as though we’ve hit a few snags but we’ve got the ball rolling so to speak.

Now we have our first completed topic as well! Alvarance’s adventures in the dam seemed to be heating up but he’s currently made it to the captain, will that prove to be beneficial or worrisome for him and his?

We also have some announcements. We have gotten some questions regarding the History of Lumos and what happened before the Calamity. As we may have mentioned before, our good friend Stimmothy will be working on bringing together the founding of Lumos together in a novel form that we will post in pieces on this site, most likely in the Vault. He will start this project on November 1st since it is his personal National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) project. As a result of this, he will be posting less frequently but he assures us that he will remain as a constant presence on the site.

New Admin based topics to check out
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The Story Drive:

So for the most part Negotiations at the Dam have begun, starting with Havoc, and Mutiny, Pandemonium will be making a debut in these negotiations as well planting their feet firmly in their beliefs.

Sub Goals:

Pay attention to Events as we have one on the way. This event play as creating events in character that help shape the entire Roleplay and the world.

Good Quotes -
“Never stifle your creativity and imagination at the behest of another when in a domain of your own creation. Society does have lines and lines can be crossed. Being conscious of that fact makes for a much better situation. Unfortunately the extent of creativity is subjective to both the one doing the creation and those observing. One person may say stop long before another is ready for it to stop. As for me, I can handle myself when it comes down to things. If I get uncomfortable I have absolutely no fear in voicing my discomfort. It's a mutual space where many different people are opening doors that, normally, are left firmly shut. Some people will experience heavy levels of discomfort, others will find themselves fascinated with things they never even thought existed.” - Soliloquy
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