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descriptionMadavia au Jokalin

Name: -

Madavia au Jokalin

House: -


Gender: -


Age: -


Alignment: -

Lawful Neutral

Ethnicity: -

Middle Eastern

Physical Characteristics: -

She is not a physically imposing creature, with a very petite stature and thin build. Her eyes are a deep rich brown and her hair shorn short. Some would say she resembles a young boy. However she doesn’t seem to care much as her thin wiry build allows her to do very specific movements with her fingers and body.

Mental Characteristics: -

Her precision and attention to detail make others believe she has OCD or some other such mental issue. She merely believes in a simple truth, if you ask for a design to do what you want it to you must build to that design. No shortcuts are allowed. She is harsh to those that try to bend her rules in her shop but kind to those that come to learn.

Talents: -

A talented inventor, avoids social situations, and isn’t particularly socially inclined. She keeps herself busy often.

Home: -

Her lab, normally on her desk

Job: -

Some job in Draconian/Meticulous not yet defined

Animal Form: -

Thoroughbred Horse

Bio: -

As a young girl in Meticulous she showed a lot of promise. She was creative and resourceful enough to be a new parents worst nightmare. She fashioned levers, grabbers, and all sorts of basic machines out of her toys to reach the counters, into the cookie jar, and for anything else her parents may have decided to take out of her grasp. Eventually locks became commonplace throughout the household.

The only person who freely encouraged her creativity was her uncle. Sure her parents encouraged her, but it’s tough to feel the support when they actively work against it (confounded locks getting more sophisticated). So while her parents sought to instill the values of Meticulous into her, her uncle (being an accomplished inventor of his own right) made puzzles for her to solve, showed her streamlined techniques, and showed her what the business end of things looked like, after school of course. She was a joyful and optimistic young child.

Wanting to join in on the business side of things, she studied hard and breezed through most schooling, and graduated two years early and for the next four she studied under her uncle as some form of an apprentice. It wasn’t long before most of the inventions and business decisions were made by her, much to her uncle’s happiness. Then tragedy struck.

One day a man between her and her uncle’s age, full of arrogance, waltzed into their shop. “Such a paltry collection of trinkets. I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about.” The visitor mocked. She raised her fist, ready to lash out to defend her honor. Her uncle placed a hand on her shoulder. “If that’s what you believe simply because it’s not as extravagant or pretty as many that are designed to do that same, than you are correct. However if you believe that based on function, I challenge you to find any object that does the job better than those invented by my niece.” The man declared a Blood Feud before storming out.

The very next day, the man returned unexpectedly. With next to no warning the man shot her uncle before storming out. Madavia fell to her knees, in shock as she watched the blood begin to drip from the surface his still hot body rested against. She screamed in terror and began to cry.

She withdrew into herself, avoiding as much social interaction as she could and only focusing on her tinkering. She became very methodical in her practices which not only increased her output speed but also her and her inventions effectiveness. Everyone was impressed yet saddened that she wouldn’t take her talents into her own business. Eventually, she took a job as a designer for a corporation, working to help them make new tech.

When the Calamity hit Madavia was working late. She heard strange noises in the garage and did her best to investigate and what she saw terrified her. It was like facing her uncle, except on a large and horribly more violent scale. Most of those she worked with but rarely saw were dropped, slumped and bleeding on their surfaces. The main difference was some moved slightly as something was eating them. She turned and ran, wishing to get further and further away from the situation. The patter of shoes quickly turned into the patter of hooves. She fell forward, but focused only on pushing away from the place, trotting away from the place.

After she got home and locked the door she decided to cut ties with her house. When she heard of Draconian being formed, she signed on as a researcher, taking on the roles to make things for her new house. Perhaps it will work out for her in the end.

Tired of taking  while to edit test equipment on small bits by hand, Madavia wished for a way to streamline the assembly. As a joke she waved her hand over the parts of the arm she was working on, stunned it seemed to pull itself together.

Feat: -

Streamlined building - robotic pieces smaller than her arm can be built by her moving her right hand over all of the pieces.

Character Goal: -

She merely wants to work in peace without most of the drama

descriptionRe: Madavia au Jokalin

Good afternoon, Madavia au Jokalin! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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