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descriptionSebastian au Sutcliff the Pack Leader of House Pandemonium

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Name: - Sebastian au Sutcliff the Pack Leader of House Pandemonium

House: - Pandemonium

Gender: - Male

Age: - 21

Alignment: - Chaotic Evil

Ethnicity: - 1/4 German and Japanese and 1/2 American

Physical Characteristics: -
Sebastian is described as a young man with black hair and shadows under his eyes. He wears a long-sleeved white shirt and faded jeans. He is thin and fairly tall, but always walks hunched over. He can, however, walk upright like a normal human being should he deem the situation necessary.Occasionally, he changes it up and wears long sleeve black shirts. If he’s feeling really adventurous, he puts a red long sleeved shirt with a torn sleeve on over top of the black one.

Mental Characteristics: -
Sebastian has little to fear other than fear itself. Be that because he’s cocky or just doesn’t care. He holds but one person close to him, his lover William. One could go so far as to say that he has a fear of losing him.As fate would have it, Sebastian was born with a very rare form of colorblindness that makes it so he can only see the world in all the varying shades of white, black, and red. He has an OCD about cleanliness which is a bit odd given one of his other obsessions and his chosen method of eating it. Strawberry jam is not only a favorite food of it, but it might also count as a weakness as William often uses it against him or as a bribe to suit his own needs. He’s also quite the avid collector of blades, knives ranging from varying sizes and uses.

Talents: - Well versed in the fighting style known as Capoeira,  knows how to handle and fight with knives, and if pushed to it, could kill a man with no remorse. In other words, trained murderer.

Home: - Pandemonium

Job: - Pack Leader - When Fenrir isn't around, leads the pack

Animal Form: - Lion

Bio: - Sebastian and William were not always the loving couple that their friends knew them to be. Sebastian came from a long line of warriors, soldiers honored for this and for that. Traditions and things were passed down along the bloodline and he most definitely picked up on it and continued on with it.Fighting with family is how he learned to defend himself. Fighting with everyone else is how he learned how to kill to keep himself alive. Though he didn’t quite use the same kinds of methods everyone else used. He’s the type of man that would bring a knife to a gunfight. At first he did suffer for this, but as things progressed he became a proficient enough assassin of sorts. He suffered  broken bones and multiple gunshot wounds which both healed up and scared over. So he made about as good a living as he could for a time, doing what was needed for him to survive and make it through the day.. Enough time had passed for him to realize that that just wasn’t enough for him. He needed something else in his life and he began to search for it. He didn’t even know what he was looking for until he quite literally bumped into it.

One day, the two of them met while passing on the street. Though, that was more like Sebastian wasn’t paying attention and ran right into the man. Sebastian was, of course, rude about it. All William did was apologize despite it not being his fault and moved on. This was rather intriguing to the knife fighter as he had expected something more to come of his own yelling. And so his attraction to the blond man started. If for nothing else, he just wanted to find out why the man had accepted blame that wasn’t his. It was weeks before they spoke again and Sebastian was much nicer this time. Feelings began to develop and through a series of meetings (of which later became dates), the two of them formed a bond. An almost unbreakable bond one could say. Madly in love and inseparable despite the conflicts that seemed to arise between them.

But then The Calamity happened.

Something that neither party expected to happen really. Though, no one had expected it to happen to be fair. It just . . . Did. Instantaneously. Clear skies one moment then super thick fog the next. However, our lovely couple wasn’t aware of it at the time. They were nestled safely inside, engaging in one of their favorite activities. When the fog rolled in and invaded their home, somehow slipping its way under the door crack and through the seals on the windows. It made sure to leak its way into the very room they were in. Neither knew it, neither realized it. Not until it was by far too late. William had been dragging his nails down Sebastian’s back, had brought blood to the surface. That’s all that was really needed. The scent was in the air and something reacted. Violently. Without care or remorse. Mostly without a warning, too. Had William been allowed to live and things gone peacefully, the pair might have been able to learn something. But as fate would have it, instead of his lover’s face, the last thing that William saw was the massive jaws of a lion clamping down on his throat, tearing it out. Death was almost instantaneous. The blood rage that Sebastian was sent into left him with bits and pieces of a lover, one he had previously still been inside of.

Be it the fact he suddenly wasn’t hungry anymore (because sex makes a man hungry) or the fact something didn’t seem right, he managed to revert back to being a human. Or at least, human looking. At first he didn’t understand how he had gotten out of bed. Or where the blood had come from. Or whose blood it was. A quick glance to the bed and he found out all he would ever need to know. Laying there as nothing but a mangled face, an assortment of organs, and a set of legs below the knee was William. He didn’t understand how something like this could happen. He didn’t remember anything, there were bits and pieces of the event flashing through his head, but he didn’t understand what they were. They made no sense. Wouldn’t he have noticed a giant jungle cat in their room? Why was he alive and William wasn’t? His head started to hurt and things didn’t make any sense. To suffer this sort of trauma piled on top of the underlying trauma no one really noticed he’d suffered during the war and he sort of just . . . Snapped.

And thus began his Dissociative Identity Disorder (Think Fight Club). He developed at least one personality other than his own, unable or unwilling to cope with the fact that his lover was gone. So he began to imagine that he was still there, held full conversations with him and everything. What he saw and what everyone else saw were two completely different things. His existence was suicidal at best, conflicted between wanting to die for himself and wanting to live on because that’s what William would have wanted. He tried to move on, he really did. Met another would be suitor named Thomas. They went on a couple dates, things looked okay. He had almost believed he was back with William until Thoman did something out of character for the previous man. The second personality, who Sebastian is convinced is a real live person, killed him out of spite.

And then for the last year, he’s mostly been trying to cope with the fact he can see someone no one else can. Though technically it's just him acting out violently when an extreme emotional response is triggered. Which leads to that personality being in control for extended periods of time leading in for the personality to have mastered their animal form whereas Sebastian himself hasn’t quite figured out how to do that yet. It didn’t seem to matter what he did, how he tried to cope with things. It seemed like the people he tried to get close to only ended up dying or pushing him further and further away until it was just him and his ‘friend’. Though, on one particular night, someone the personality was attempting to torture to death managed to escape. They took off into the nearby collection of trees to either try and hide or run off to get help. The personality didn’t like that. Didn’t like it one bit, but he had no real way of tracking them in the dark, much less of a change given his eyesight wasn’t at its best due to the color limitations. Then that’s when it happened, something seemed to manifest in the air in front of his eyes. He didn't understand it at first, there were colors he’d never seen before. He was able to push passed the initial shock of this because he saw a body like shape a bit of distance away. Sure, partially hidden by trees and bushes, but there was no mistaking something as red hot looking as a body next to so much blue and green cold looking trees.

Using that as something of an indication of where the victim was, he was easily able to descend upon them and rid the planet of their existence, once more reigning supreme and showing Sebastian who the real man in this really fucked up relationship was.

Feat: -  Tracking Eyes - Sort of a form of infrared where it would allow him to see heat signatures to track a person should he lose them and be unable to locate them. For example, it's dark outside and his limited range of vision can’t see them immediately, the infrared vision itself would activate and thus he could find his victim through a form of heat trail and finish the job he started before they got away.

Character Goal: -  To eventually somehow maybe make it to  Meticulous to seek some form of help for his ‘friend’ so he’ll stop killing people. Which would, in theory, sort of help him discover his identity disorder so he can get help for it. Which would, in effect, mean he would have to find someway to cope with pretty much everything he has done as a ‘victim’ of himself.

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Can most notably be quoted with saying, “Yeah, I’m the idiot who brought the knife to a gunfight, but within twenty-one feet, I remain the King.”

descriptionRe: Sebastian au Sutcliff the Pack Leader of House Pandemonium

Good afternoon, Sebastian au Sutcliff! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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