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Name: Morgan the Silent Justice of Havoc

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House: Havoc

Gender: Unnecessary

Age: 20

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Ethnicity: Celtic

Physical Characteristics: Morgans standout traits is her fiery red hair and forest green eyes. He is rather diminutive, at only 5'5" with a fairly light frame weighing in at only 110lbs. His skin is lightly tanned from time spent outdoors and he prefers to wear baggy clothes in earthy forest colors. She always carries a special bow that folds and unfolds to different lengths, giving her the ability to fire shots with maximum effectiveness at any range she requires.

Mental Characteristics:  Morgan is hard for some people to read. She sometimes comes off as very innocent, other times like a hardened sailor on shore leave. Is she stupid with moments of great clarity, or deliberately slow to disguise a surprising intellect, only friends know. The one thing that is apparent is that Morgan is friendly, even to his enemies. Always quick with a joke or a smile, he never seems to enjoy fighting, but that doesnt mean he wont. The only people who have seen her anger are those that would hurt her friends.

Talents: Skilled archer, experienced hunter and tracker

Home: Anywhere Morgan lays his head is his home

Job: Deputy

Animal Form: Eagle-owl

Bio: Morgan hated the indoors. From the earliest moments of his life, he realized that the outdoors is where he should be. His father thought that meant hed make a good farmer, but was distressed to find that not only did Morgan hate farming, he preferred to spend days at a time in the forest shirking his duties. Her father did everything he could think of, but eventually had to ask for assistance from others in the village. It was his best friend's father who found a solution. This man gave Morgan her first bow and arrows and told her not to come back without something big. It took weeks, learning to shoot, learning to track animals, but when Morgan dropped the deer at everyones feet, they realized hed found his calling. And just in time because Havoc came calling for donations to the house.

Before the Calamity it was easy to meet Havoc's expectations, but with the fog and the massacres, it became harder to meet there quotas, and other houses began raiding villages to interrupt there rivals supply lines.

Morgan's life changed when she had to kill people. Havoc came to town for a standard handoff, but members of the town had decided they were fed up. They believed that the presence of Havoc had started drawing other houses to the town, notably Pandemonium who slaughtered families with abandon. When people began talk of laying a trap, Morgan tried to speak out, but she wasnt prepared for the way people would react. They beat Morgan within an inch of his life and left him in the woods to die. His oldest friend took pity on him and left a bow and a single arrow before turning his back on Morgan.

Morgan lay there for nearly a day before finding the strength to drag herself to her feet and limp back to town. He had to stop the people, or die trying. When he arrived he was too late, and the village had attack the Havoc members. The village was in chaos and bodies lay strewn about. Morgan never thought hed find his loved ones, but whether luck was with him or against him, he found his parents being chased into a burning building by a Havoc soldier. Morgan leaned against a wall, knocked, and fired.

Word has it the attack ended with the massacre of everyone in the town except the Sheriff, a few choice Havoc soldiers, and Morgan, who was discovered by the Sheriff amidst the wreckage, hidden by a newfound ability. The town is now a ghost town, but rumor says that one building survived. A suit of armor is pinned to the door by an arrow.

Feat: Natural Camouflage- Morgan can blend in with objects around her when she stands still. This camoflage is good enough to fool hunters, though not forever, and will only temporarily fool well trained trackers.

Character Goal: Morgan fights for Havoc now as a deputy. She seeks to end the fights between factions and reunify the people. Anyone who would seek to betray there friends are Morgan's enemies and she actively hunts these people to deliver them justice.

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Good afternoon, Morgan! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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