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descriptionTally au Tenrubo

Name: Tally au Tenrubo The Devil of Pandemonium

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House: Pandemonium

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Ethnicity: Australian

Physical Characteristics: Among Pandemonium house members, there are the occasional member that makes someone stop and wonder. Tally is one of such members. 5'4" inches in height and a measly 100lbs, Tally doesnt inspire fear at first glance. In a house that prides itself on the strength and hunting skills of its members, her smooth brown skin and flowing white locks seem like a complete mismatch, but be not fooled. One look into her amber eyes is a chilling revelation that this small girl is not what she seems.

Mental Characteristics: Just as her title suggests, Tally is a devil. She is remorseless and merciless with all her prey. Shes been known to snap at allies if they cross her, and she never backs down from a fight. Even before the Calamity she lead a hard life, and its made her bitter. Now with life hanging in the balance at all times, it only reinforces her belief that the world is out to break you, so break it first. The absurd should be reveled in, the gore bathed in, and the weak eaten.

Talents: Because of her small frame Tally can fit into some tight spaces her overly muscled companions may find too small. Her youthful appearance helps her fool others into false senses of security, making her an adept infiltrator. Time spent on the street have made her resourceful and a dirty street brawler.

Home: Tally "officially" lives in the Terra Complex, though she has several areas around town where she can go to ground

Job: Mercenary/Saboteur

Animal Form: Tazmanian Devil - Stage 2, Level 4

Bio: They say that anyone can make it off the sweat of there brow and dedication to excellence. The people who say this dont know what its like to have there teeth kicked in at every turn. In her earliest memories she remembers the long trip from her birthplace to the lands of Lumos. Her parents were barely better than slaves, making just enough to keep them from starving. Her father worked at the docks, his mother worked as a servant for one of the wealthier families. Just when it seemed like they had found an opportunity, her father died on the job. Accidentally crushed by a shipping container. Her mother was devastated, but she persevered, got a second job to support Tally. But working so hard made her ill. Eventually she never got out of bed. Tally ran and lived on the streets, stealing what she had too, bargaining for what she couldnt. With no family she learned that once she got a hold of something, never let it go. One day she overheard some men talking about a job, and she learned how much crime could pay. She could finally do what her parents had failed to do. No more groveling. Bite down hard and never look back. She made a name for herself and acquired some contacts.

Then that fog rolled in.

She was in the middle of a job, sneak into an orphanage and steal there collection money when she felt a hunger so intense it was like the days when her parents had been around. She had to eat. Tally didnt remember much from that night. But she heard the whispers later. Shed made quite the mess, and not just adults either. Every living soul in the building. Like a tornado made of teeth had painted the house red. She was approached by a group and offered a new life. "Honor in killing." A life among the strong. "Kill the Weak." They taught her control, they taught her the art of violence. "Only the strong survive."

Character Goal: No one ever gave her a break, no one ever helped her. Tally has made it her purpose to crush the rules of a society that spat in her face and kicked her into the dirt. Free the children from there parents, by any means necessary, and set the world back to a more natural order.

descriptionRe: Tally au Tenrubo

Good afternoon, Tally au Tenrubo! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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