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Name: Doll

House: Maelstrom

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Ethnicity: Germanic Origin; Caucasian

Physical Characteristics: Doll is 5'4 with a slender frame, slight amount of muscle found on her upper half; she has light periwinkle hair, cut extremely uneven from one side to the other; light blue eyes; freckles cover most of her body, more prominent on her face and shoulders; Right shoulder is more disfigured from repeated joint abuse, but it is still usable to its full range; Multiple scars, in different healing stages around her body; If allowed to wear clothes, is usually placed in an old lab coat or button down; Doesn't usually wear shoes; slightly bow-legged from broken and unproperly healed fibulas.

Mental Characteristics: Doll has extreme Stockholm syndrome, where it is almost obsessive. She is extremely obedient, and will do anything for Joseph; Has bad nervous habits such as biting her nails or scratching her legs; Is pretty intelligent, though she never uses it against her holder; Reserved in speech unless it is towards him; Very emotionally unstable, but internalizes most things; Very polite, and gentle in nature; Slightly a perfectionist; Masochistic

Talents: Where she lived before the Calamity, she was very skilled in agriculture and trade (since her family was farmers); Never had to try much in school, except in history courses; Very skilled in sewing

Home: Joseph au Thrautal's primary lab

Job: Slave (lab animal)

Animal Form: Rabbit

Bio: Before the calamity, she lived on a small farm with her family consisting of her mother, father, and two other brothers. She helped with both the growing of the crops and helping with the trade of said crops. She had a very positive air about her, so it did not take much persuasion, and so she was the one sent to town most of the days. Her life was mainly carefree, except the occasional fear of drought and the pesky animals who tried to dig their way through the fields.
On one uneventful morning, she was required to go to the market to sell them off. As she went around the back of the stands taking care to be quiet in the early hours, she felt a hand press against her mouth and throat, squeezing. A few moments after, she passed out.
After waking up upon a cold metal slab in a bright room, she realized that she had been taken to a place quite unfamiliar to herself. Her abductor, a man who went by the name "Joseph", didn't speak much at the beginning but kept her tied down upon the table. The torture started a few hours later after she had been fully awoken, the pain being overlaid by the adrenaline pumped in her blood stream as she went through days of her bones being broken, repeated draining of her blood, acid tests, and her ability to withstand high levels of pain. The tests started off small at the beginning, with the occasional breaking of her fingers, then increased slowly as she started to gain a resistance, or a strong sense of pleasure, from them. She started looking up to this figure, who, after seeing the extent of her enjoyment from being tested on, gave more attention to Doll. With no ability to recall her previous life after the first 6 months, she took to the pet name "Doll", and worshiped this man for giving her a new life. Wherever he went, she begged to follow along with him and lusted to be used for another experiment. Over time, her injuries got more severe, and her determination to stay alive for Joseph caused her to be able to create a new form of herself, along with items around her, a set at a time. She would be able to watch the other body pass away and still be of use to her "master".  

Feat: Areal Multiplication (Up to double of herself along with items around her up to a three-foot radius)

Character Goal: To serve her master as his lab animal to the best of her abilities.

descriptionRe: Doll

Good afternoon, Doll! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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