Feat (A secondary mutation based on what your character has spent doing, living, or whatever during the last year [based on your bio.]) A feat is an ability that separates you from similar animals. It is a product of the environment your character has been in for the majority of the past year.

Feat Rules

  • A Feat can only be one particular thing that happens with, too, projects from, or is controlled by your body.
  • A Feat can not be used more than once per post. (Due to Stamina and Natural Ability constraints aka this is very unnatural in nature.) Therefore in combat, you can only use it to attack, defend, or set-up.
  • A Feat can only exist if the need for it is presented in the character's bio such as desperate desire or mortal peril.

    • Upon the necessity of the feat to exist, it will happen.  How it happens is the only way that it can happen.

  • Feat Approval will be handled by a highest common vote among all players IF no agreement can be made by the administration team
  • Your powers must be simple, and you must be able to explain what it does to a five-year-old (Only slightly joking)

So, a blurb for all you people because all in all I am bad at explaining things. 
A Feat is not intended for combat; it can be used for combat, but naturally, it can be as simple as turning your hands into cake mixers or putting just enough energy to charge your phone, or being able to vomit pumpkin spice lattes. The ability is meant overall to give your character more depth, maybe based on some trauma within the past year, or the need to do something you can no longer accomplish due to the calamity. I e ice sculptures, its never cold enough anymore, so now you can freeze things you touch.