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descriptionPhredrix au Asmodean

Name: -

Phredrix au Asmodean

House: -


Gender: -


Age: -


Alignment: -

Neutral Evil

Ethnicity: -


Physical Characteristics: -

Tall, extremely athletic. Nearly chiseled body. Stays relaxed with his posture, and moves very carefully. About 6’4 or 2 meters tall and nearly 200lbs or 90 kg. Wears tight fitting black armor like clothing. Normally wearing belts that cross his body full of various weaponry.

Mental Characteristics: -

Straightforward, blunt, defensive, schizophrenia, amnesia. Slight anger issues. He has few goals and will stop at nothing to make them happen. A bit rash, he tends to speak or act first and think later. He has an aversion to small women and doesn’t know why.

Talents: -

Fighting, intimidation, survival

Home: -


Job: -

Pack Leader

Animal Form: -


Bio: -

He doesn’t remember much before 7 months ago, at least not that makes sense. He spent the past 7 months working up the Pandemonium ladder, earning respect by any means necessary. Though not a part of any group, he made sure his name was known. At least he could remember that. In addition to working on his abilities, he’s attempted to find a way to keep the voices and images from flooding into his head.

Despite this he remembered a few things. He remembered fighting a lot, rituals, inductions. Flashes of things he knew were from his past. This glimpses irritated him, they teased him. He remembered faces and a title. The Heir. His fist clenched, he wanted answers, and he wanted silence, and no matter what it took, he’d at least get one.

Feat: -


Character Goal: -

He just wants answers and silence, even if that means killing everyone in his way.

descriptionRe: Phredrix au Asmodean

Good afternoon, Phredrix au Asmodean! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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