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descriptionSolomon au Asch of Havoc

Name: Solomon au Asch of Havoc

House: House Havoc Phoenix

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Alignment: Neutral “undecided”

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Physical Characteristics:
Height- 6’ or 1.8 meters
Weight-  190 lbs or 86.1 KG
Hair- Reddish Brown (Rusty)    
Hairstyle- Short
Eye color- A Vivid White iris surrounded by a faint blue circle splitting his whites and iris in one eye and a Blue iris in the other.
Face- Thin and comes to an angular chin
Body- Slightly fatty but muscular.
The clothing he wears underneath all the furs he has on him are simple cloth and leather.

Mental Characteristics:
He is scared of cold or the lack of warmth. He has the habit of over dressing and having way too much clothing on. He always tries to avoid conversation if he feels it is unnecessary.

Talents: No harness cliff climbing.
Home: Wherever he finds other members of House Havoc.

Job: Initiate

Animal Form: Monitor lizard

Before the calamity Solomon was someone who always seeked adventure, even though his family did not approve of him going on his adventures. This lead to him only wanting to go on them that much more, this want would lead to his undoing or so his family thought. He was on one of his adventures this one in particular led him to the caves of Gress mountain, because he had heard a rumor that there was gold in the mountain and he wanted to make this what made him rich. In this cave it was colder than the others that he had been in soon he found a pool of water that was clear and at the bottom he saw what he was after gold. After taking off any excess clothing he dove into the pool of water to retrieve it soon he reached the bottom and reached out to grab it the water around him instantly froze with him inside it. Three years passed and then the calamity happened without Solomon knowing, but soon he changed. After this time in the ice and the calamity his body began to crave warmth and it soon developed a way to heat itself by burning away extra fat in his body, in doing so this created heat melted the ice and made the water evaporate. When this happened his right eye’s iris turned nearly solid white with only a small ring of the blue that was once there being visible in that eye. A few hours later he awoke in the bottom of the bowl the water was once in, he tried climbing out several times failing each time.

Each day he sat at the bottom of the pit his body would automatically begin the thing that unfroze him to warm him, soon he was running low on food to eat and decided that if he didn’t find a way out of the pit he would die. So he started to toy with his new ‘power’ and begun to gain control over it soon it was able to activate it then he gained the ability to focus it to one point which he used to make a way for him to climb up the smooth walls. After he made it out it dawned on him that he did not know where he came from or who he was, he looked around and saw some old clothing that seemed to be around the right size laying on the ground along with a small book with the words The Book of King Solomon on it. He put on the clothing and stored the book in the bag he had with him. This was the beginning of a new adventure for him. He set out to find a way to live and he soon found it was easy to do so on the mountain and trapped animals and ate berries he found to not be poisonous. When he met a person they brought him back to the place they live, amazed Solomon asked about the things he saw. After a while the person inquired of his name and Solomon said he didn't have one. So they decided on coming up with a name to call him latter and to have dinner. While they had dinner they discussed where he came from and what had happened to him. After a while he brought up the book that he found and they decided to call him Solomon.When this man finally asked about Solomon’s own family, Solomon could not recall them. The man told Solomon that he should go search for leads of them and try to find them. Three days later Solomon set off to do so.Once he was in the city he got lost and couldn’t get around so he asked someone for help and they told him he should join a House if he wanted to get anything done around the city. He found House Havoc and became an initiate.

Feat: He has the ability to generate heat, up to the temperature of 392 degrees fahrenheit or 200 degrees celsius. This can be distributed evenly across his body once he gets to the desired temp where it only heats the area around two to four inches out or he can focus this on one point of his body and project it out to 6 feet away from him. At 110-209 the model is: y=3x, at 210-309 the model is: y=2x, at 310-392 the model is: y=x. Where x is the amount of cells in pounds burned and y is the time in hours that he sustains heat evenly and divide these by 2 to get each the focused time.

Character Goal: His goal is to be able to find the family he lost when he was trapped in the ice.

descriptionRe: Solomon au Asch of Havoc

Good afternoon, Solomon au Asch! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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