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descriptionKyubohn au Marrow'ack

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Name: - Kyubohn au Marrow'ack

House: - Havoc

Gender: - Male

Age: - 19

Alignment: - Chaotic Neutral

Ethnicity: - Native American

Physical Characteristics: -
Kyubohn stands at 6ft tall, weighing in at 160lbs.Seeing as he isn’t shy about showing himself off, the man is the right mix of athletic and muscular that makes him attractive to look at. One could say he’s the strong, silent type. He has a voice, he just prefers not to use it. Has tribalistic orange markings all over his body with two black lines on each side of his lips. Eyes are a pale-ish looking blue that could almost be considered white or silver in the right light.He likes to keep his long black hair wild and messy, but can occasionally be seen wearing it in a ponytail. There will always be two black feathers in it, however. While he has been known to walk around naked from time to time, he would more commonly be seen wearing an orange cloth wrapped around his waist. As he has a thing for bones, it would also be quite common to see him wearing the skull of a deer that he fashioned into a mask/hat of sorts.

Mental Characteristics: -
Kyobohn is a quiet individual who will only fight when provoked. As previously mentioned, he doesn’t like to use his voice when simple actions are more than enough to get his point across. If he does speak, and it is on rare occasion, it’s usually just to instruct what to do with the dead that have fallen at his feet. The man is calm, cool, and collected pretty much all the time and his quiet demeanor will keep most folks guessing until his actions speak for him instead.

Talents: - Weapon making - While his medium for this is usually the bones of the deceased, he’s learned the various ways one can craft any particular weapon to make it sturdy and useful for quite a long time.
He also knows survivalist skills; how to keep himself alive, cooking, hunting, skinning, making fires, things of that nature.
He is well versed in various fighting styles and it constantly changing them and adapting them to fit his needs. Much like everything else he does.
Archery and Various forms of weapons training.
Also knows how to control his animal form and its shifting.

Home: - Wherever he can find that’s at least dry and warm.

Job: - Master

Animal Form: - Jackalope

Bio: - Kyobohn is a quiet individual who will only fight when provoked.He lived among a small band of people who lived in or around Pawlentree.They were a hunter/gatherer society and Kyubohn was one of its top hunters.The Chieftain in charge didn’t particularly like him for whatever reason so every chance he got he tried to make things harder for the man. He spent a majority of his time alone, enjoying the sounds of nature and getting in touch with his inner self. He was on a spiritual journey of sorts to master his mind, body, and soul.

When The Calamity happened, he witnessed the murder of his entire clan by its own chief, who had transformed into a ravenous gorilla. The bodies of the dead laid around him in their various forms of dismemberment, flesh torn from muscles, muscles ripped from bones. It appeared the Chief wasn’t the only one who had turned into an animal as he could see the bodies of others scattered about. At first, his only thought was to run away so as to avoid dying like the rest. He might have gotten away with that if not for fact he tripped over a dead body, drawing attention to himself.

He grabbed the first thing that was within reach, didn’t even really care what it was. Instinct told him to crouch down and let nature take its course. He gripped what he was holding in his hands very tightly and waited. What he had hoped he had grabbed was a spear. Or at least a sword. Something sharp. Anything sharp. He could hear the creature coming, running at him. Leaping through the air. He waited and he waited. He didn’t look up until he felt something wet against his hands. He opened his eyes and at first noticed that what he was holding was drenched in blood. He could also tell just by looking at what he was holding it was a bone of some kind.

He looked up finally and noticed that the spear had pierced the creature’s heart. He threw the spear and the body away from himself and just sort of stood there in shock. That was when he decided that maybe, just maybe, he was better off alone. He decided to master this new ability he seemed to have and this animal form of his. If everyone else had one, he would have one, too. And it would be far more fun to experiment and get better than laze around and do nothing.

Feat: - Bone Manipulation - He can only use the bones of the deceased and make them into whatever he wants them to be; weapons, armor, building materials, utensils, whatever. If the bone can feasibly be it, he can make it so. Once he has his hands upon it, he can manipulate it to suit his needs. This is, however, limited to the size of the bone and what the bone would technically be capable of making.. He can make a spear out of the femur of a moose and it would have form and function. Were he to do the same from the same bone from a smaller creature, it wouldn’t be worth shit.
TLDR molecular rearrangement of dead bones he can touch.

Character Goal: - Do anything and everything that he can to help the others of Havoc. Do whatever it takes to better himself and others. Live or die. Fight, survive, win; the only way to make it. Cower, give up, die; the way to show you aren’t worthy.

descriptionRe: Kyubohn au Marrow'ack

Good morning, Kyubohn au Marrow'ack! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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