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descriptionDallas au Sheppard

Credit to mad-y of DeviantArt.  Dallas Au Sheppard. :

Name:  Dallas au Sheppard the Executioner of Pandemonium

House:  Pandemonium

Gender:  Dun ask dumbass questions.

Age:  Early-mid 20s.

Alignment: Mos' would says I's ah good guy.

Ethnicity: Texan.

Physical Characteristics:  Leggy.  That's a good word to describe Dallas.  He stands just over eighteen hands tall (head-to-toe) and an inordinate amount of his height seems to be due to his lower half. The cowboy is all lean muscle, weighing one-hundred and sixty pounds.  A crooked smile shows off a set of surprisingly white teeth and his icy, baby blue eyes are refreshingly honest.  Crow's feet are beginning to form at the corners from a hefty amount of smiling and squinting at the sun.  Light-blonde hair the color of straw sits in a discordant mess underneath his omnipresent hat.  His posture toes the line between casual and professional.  Sure, he's not stiff-backed and militant, but that doesn't mean he's not ready to hand out an ass whooping if called upon..  

A few items are always on his person.

Black Stetson Hat -  Though he's had it awhile, this hat's color hasn't begun to fade and Dallas doesn't plan on letting it do so.  It's a proper hat made of leather--none of that faux shit.

.45 Long Colt "Buntline Special" -  The 12" barrel of this iconic, mythological Western gun is far too long and, thusly, impractical for gunfights or speed shooting, but that doesn't bother Dallas all that much.  He keeps this family heirloom in a special holster that sits on the back of his belt.  Sure, it makes sitting down in seats a bit uncomfortable, but it makes for an easier time when drawing the weapon.

.44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk - Although he has a fondness for his Colt, Dallas realizes that it's not the weapon for practical use.  When he's trying to be the first to the draw and the first to shoot he'll go for the trusty, blued steel of his Ruger Super Blackhawk that lies on his hip.

Mental Characteristics:  Steady, level-headed, but frustratingly linear is a good summary of Dallas' mental attitude.  If you give him a direction he'll plow unerringly towards any foreseeable goal, but make him bend and twist and things can get a little muddled for the young, headstrong cowboy.  Far from stupid, he could be described as simple or, more appropriately, innocent and he will suspect a hidden goodness in a person as opposed to an inherent evil.  For all of his life Dallas has been the bridesmaid, never the bride, but this suits him just fine as he's more apt to follow order than give them.  He values life, laughter and the happiness of those around him, but this moral compass extends only as far as those dear to him; if you aren't within his scope of care then you might as well be "shamed."

-Ambidextrous: Self-explanatory.
-Sharp Shooter/Speed Shooter:  Dallas is proficient with most rifles and he always placed top 3 in any speed shooting competition that he entered.  He is more than capable with any pistol, but he holds a special fondness for revolvers.
-Horse Riding:  Self-explanatory.

Home:  Wherever Sebastian is... for better or for worse.

Job:  Executioner.

Animal Form
Diamond Pony:  Literally a living, breathing pony... made of diamonds.  While not mythological, this creature is unfathomably rare and quite a sight to behold.   Currently, Dallas has very little/no control when he transforms.  The cowboy is usually unconscious or asleep when he changes forms and his temperament is radically different.  His diamond pony form is wild, unruly even and much like an untamed stallion.  He's just as likely to stomp someone's skull into pieces as he is to let them ride him.
Diamond Pony BL2 :

Dallas, fortunately, had a fairly painless transition when the Calamity occurred.  Painless for him, that is... he trampled his family members (mother, father and his two brothers) to death.  Whether through life's sick sense of humor or grace, the cowboy was blacked out.  He does not even know it was him that ended the lives of those he loved.  

Driven by the urge to find his family he strove as hard as he could to survive.  Scrapping with two brothers and wrangling wild horses when he was younger gave him the Southern grit required to push through his hardships.  An empty stomach?  A knife impaling his hand?  These mattered little when compared to the fire in his belly, the flame that burned and spurred him onwards.  Where was his family?  Were they even still alive?

The cowboy's tough, emotionless brutality steered him to the House of Pandemonium.  Here, he was faced with the raw, bared power of Fenrir and, here, Dallas was reminded of his mortality and his humility.  Here, he met Sebastian.  Though the initial encounters were never anything out of the ordinary, it is not every day that one spots a cowboy.  Maybe he was memorable?

Dallas' natural, down-to-earth toughness helped him climb the ranks and his willingness to listen and recognize strength led to his current job--the Executioner.  

Diamond Skin -  Dallas' animal form, a diamond pony, is ACTUALLY a pony composed of diamond.  Not a sculpture, not a model--a living, breathing pony.  As such his skin is as tough as diamonds and thick enough that most bullets will bounce off without penetration.  Undoubtedly, that shit still hurts and will irk the hell out of him.

Character Goal:  Evolution.  I want him to realize he is Pegasus, learn some sort of Feat and learn some things about life.  I'm down for whatever.

descriptionRe: Dallas au Sheppard

Good afternoon, Dallas au Sheppard! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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