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descriptionProfessor (Doctor) Hewitt Voth The Chancellor of Maelstrom

Name: Professor (Doctor) Hewitt Au Voth The Chancellor of Maelstrom[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

House:  House Maelstrom Leviathan Formerly from Motherland


Gender:  Male

Age: 38

Alignment: - Chaotic Good

Ethnicity:  German

Physical Characteristics: -

Voth is a little taller than your average man standing at around 5,9. He is broadly build but still slim weighing around 170.

Mental Characteristics: -

Prof. Au Voth to most would seem like a extremely calm and reasonable man. He gives of a sense of reassurance that he knows exactly what's going on and has some kind of a plan for it.

Internally he is a raging storm of thoughts. Constantly running calculations and playing out many different scenarios for any situation he is currently in or expecting to be in. His calm manner comes mostly from the fact that he is always thinking and tends to be in his own world.

He Has a love of teaching and passing on what he knows, he will NEVER miss a chance to do so. Even if in the middle of a battle he will impart some knowledge if he finds the chance to do so.

He IS constantly worried about his daughter and his wife, for at the end of the day they are truly his main cares. He prides himself on thinking his way out of any situation rather than fighting, but does not mind planning for a fight if need be.  He is willing to use any tactics necessary to win a fight. He is not above cheating but he is also a man of his words and does not enjoy outright lying.

He is a good man at the end of the day. Always aiming to make the world a better place, just his ways of doing them might seem a bit Dark. He does not like to kill and prefers to capture or incapacitate. If needed he will try and have someone else kill for him but avoid directly doing it himself.

Talents: -

This man Has a natural talent of learning and complex thinking. He is a man with a genius level IQ and does not struggle to learn mostly anything. Altho he never truly takes the time to master any one thing. He prefers to constantly expand his area of knowledge.

Altho a strong thinker physical activity tires him like any normal person and he does not pick up physical things as quickly. He learns from reading and analyzing.

Home: - Currently Sleeping at the main Mealstream HQ.   

Job: - Chancellor of Maelstrom

Animal Form: - Snow OWL


The Mother Land

Where to start? I guess i should start from the point where i learned to speak. That was around 9 months into my creation. I was somewhat of a prodigy child. My parents had me evaluated and was told that i would become a genius of sorts.i was granted access to a special education system run by a genius society of my homeland, who focused on allowing prodigy's to really grow and expand.  Most of my learning was done at home. On the weekends i would be in a class with other prodigy children for our progress to be assessed and nurtured. . I was a small kid, so i had to learn to defend myself pretty early. You would think in a class with other prodigy kids, no one would be s barbaric as to bully. Yet children would always be children. I added basic self defence to my list of things to learn. I had quite a long list as it was. While most of my study was self conducted. The classes i did attend expanded on whatever i choose to learn. Pushing me to my limits forcing me to gain deeper understandings. I respected my teachers. Each teacher a master of the highest caliber in their subject. Knowing just how to push without breaking their students. I honored and respected that. I decided early on that i wanted to teach and advise. I would gain as much knowledge as possible, in order to spread it.

By the time i was 16, I had already earned honorary  Master's degree in, psychology,sociology, engineering, architecture, literature, philosophy, History, global politics, and  business. That is where the focus of my attention was.  I also had other hobbies never truly committing to one thing. Learning the ines and outs of computers and programming. Never truly mastering the skill but learning enouigh to program Low level A.Is for games and robots.  I learned carpentry and sculpting. I formed a talent for metalwork and blacksmithing.I took interest in basic medicine and survival techniques, spending time with a highly organized scouting group. While i mostly prefered mental skills, there was no denying the importance of having the ability to survive in a crisis. While this skills did not come as naturally to me i still learned enough to earn a few badges.

I was forced to learn proper etiquette, ranging from many different societies around the globe. I was shaping up to be a very well rounded gentleman. Learning the ins and outs of high class society. I was trained on how to properly dress, look , groom, and over all be presentable at all times for any occasion

At 17 i was asked to tutor the child of a noble man. This was my 1st real test in spreading my knowledge. I used everything i had learned about people to help guide the young master for the next two years. After seeing my skills at helping teach his son the nobleman gave me the highest of recommendations in education. I was offered to teach at the most prestiges state college in my nation. Yet i turned it down. I was tiring of my home nation. I felt constricted and locked into one line of thinking. I needed a fresh start in a new place where i could expand my learnings. I Set my eyes on Icores college located in the independent city of Lumos..


Along my trip to my new home a ran across an astounding women. One who challenged me in even my most well studied fields. While she might not have been as informed as i was, she was much better at string ideas together to form solid plans of attack, ( in her argument that is). She told me that she was also traveling to lumos and we agreed to travel the remainder of the journey in each others company. We both learned that we would be teaching at the college together and that started the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Teaching at Icarus  was a dream. I was allowed to teach any subject I so choose each term. There was very little oversight due to the staff all being highly skilled professors in their own right. When i was not teaching i dedicated my time learning of the other nations. Comparing everything i knew to everything other nations had come up with . Ridding  myself over the years of the bies that came with having only your motherland as a source of information inevitably forms. I wanted to know more than just what my mother land could teach me.

After two years with my new found love we married and had our beautiful daughter Sofia. I raised her with love and care to the best of my ability. Doing all i could to give her as much  a girl could need. I home schooled her, and left her with tasks to do when i was away teaching. Around her becoming 5 i noticed that she was more of a kinetic learner. She excelled at physical activities learning to walk and perform feats of athleticism that i find difficult.  When she hit 8 i found her a mentor who lived with us. Teaching her martial arts but also assisting me in combining her studies with physical learning.  

With my daughter spending most of her time training it freed me to go back to pursuing establishing myself in lumos. I bought a condo in Brickhills, establishing myself as a highly successful and independent person. Making close ties to my neighbors in the condo along with my wife and daughter.

Life was pretty perfect back then. Wealth , access to endless amounts of information,  the two loves of my life. Joining an exclusive Group known as the order of orien, I gained even more opportunities to teach the youth. Things were perfect until….

The Collamati

I Think anyone could tell you where and what they was doing when they 1st noticed the start of the collamati. I was in my lab that i had built underneath the condo we lived in. Power suddenly went out in the lab. Luckily i had a backup power generator and the heavy Steel doors and elevator still had power. I wanted to know what was going on so i took the elevator up to my condo where my family should be. There was a special key pad hidden in the interior of the elevator that gave access to my lab. A key card as well as a fingerprint scan and pin number was all needed for the elevator and Heavy steel doors to access my lab. Alot was paid for by my contacts back in the motherland. A fine lab for both me and my wife and i had hopped one day my daughter.    

When i arrived to our home my family was all asleep. I woke them and told them that we was experiences a power outage. Nothing could have prepped us for the real truth of the situation. Television was down but reports on the rados who still had power seemed to suggest the whole city was cut off from the rest of the world. Let me save you some of the more minor details, i am sure you can read up on the event on your own. Let me skip ahead a bit Mass chaos broke out over time and me and my family was driven out of our home by raiders and thieves. We put up a fight but their numbers was simply overwhelming. In time me and my family learned we can turn into animals. I myself seemed to possess the ability to fully shift into the form of a Owl. My daughter being different from both my wife and myself ended up leaving to join house Havoc With her teacher. I allowed her to go Wanting her to prosper in this new world and way of life. Promising her that we will always be family and in the end we are loyal solely to each other and ourselves.

My wife convinced me that we should join the newly Reformed house Maelstrom. This seemed to me like the best course of action as we had been surviving in hiding for the past few months. Oh I almost forgot to mention. When things started getting bad after my daughter and her master left i struggled to keep us out of danger. I had some combat skills but fighting was never truly my strong point. Me and my wife could take to the sky to remain safe but it was always the dangers that took us by surprise that di the most harm. All i truly wanted to do was protect my wife. I wanted a way to know when danger was coming and have enough time to assess analyze and think of the best course of action. There was far too much always going on at one time. To many threats coming from all directions. An then one day when everything almost seemed lost. When my wife was about to be killed from a stray projectile everything seems to slow. The world moved as if time itself had slowed down. I could see the projectile i could calculate its movements and i could also see everything else around me and also calculate their movements as well. I moved my wife out of harm's way. I myself did not seem to move any faster but the world just seems to move slower.

As if i was taking in more information and a much faster rate able to process all of it so fast that it just seems to be moving slow compared to the speed at which i can see hear smell and process everything.

This came in handy from that moment forth i always just knew and could react to all danger. I never got any faster i simply could react quicker and more effectively.

We made our way to meet the queen. My wife, blessed be me to find such an amazing woman. Convinced the Queen that she was a direct line of royalty from back in the motherlands. I did not think this to be entirely true but whatever it took to keep us safe. She had me display my fast knowledge of many things. Including war  tactics and guerilla warfare. My ability to understand people through my study of psychology. Knowing that she is still a fairly new queen with a fairly new house, i was offered as her personal strategist for the House. Gaining the title chancellor.Since then i have been advancing to stay out of the main conflicts as for now. To play the sidelines and gain allies inside the other houses.  We are playing the long game. We always keep our words but we are not below tricks. This House is part of my family now and i will do all i can to help it gain as much power as it can. For with power comes protection. Maybe i will be able to convince my daughter to return to my side. An claim back my home and lab and take hold of the now mostly destroyed school. There is a lot of work to be done in this new land.

I left my motherland looking for opportunities to learn more and teach. I now find myself gaining first hand experience, and advising a queen. Not too bad if i do say so myself...

The Present Day:

As for the rest. Well you should know that for yourself. Someone i thought to be a friend summoned me about a month ago. He said to me that he would like to discuss our current arrangements in private. I trusted that man, for we always seemed to have a common goal. It was one of my early ideas to help the queen. To ally ourselves secretly with A member of House discord to gain slaves for our army. It was a interesting touch to have them believe that we was freeing them. All we had to do was supply some tech to them and it would be smooth.

So what i thought was a renegotiation of terms turned out to be a kidnapping. Initially being bound and locked in a room i was soon let out with some minor freedoms. Allowed to move freely as long as i made no attempts to escape. I was allowed to eat and even read. for the most part i have been being treated like a royal prisoner. I have stayed and followed the rules, figuring that in time i will be saved so there is no need to put myself in extra harm. I have even been offered "comfort" but refused  as, i am a married man.

Still for the last month i have been given not one clue as to why i am being held here. no demands have been made. An i have no reason to believe you have even contacted my leader, The Queen.

So that is my story, i have told you everything about my life as you requested. Now my only question for you is....

Why are you keeping me here [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Feat: -

Danger sense- When there is any perceived danger, to his knowledge or not. THe world will Dramatically slow down, but only to him. What is truly happening is he is forced into ac state of Hyper awareness. THe world and everything around him will move slow and all of his senses are pushed to the absolute limit.  

This heightened state of awareness allows him to think far faster than any human could possibly dream. Allowing him to do complex mathematics and come to judgments extremely fast.

He only stays in this mode while he is directly in harm's way. The moment he is out of danger his senses and rapid thinking slow back to normal.

Character Goal: -

His Goals are simply and yet may be impossible to achieve.

ReClam his house in brickhills along with his lab.

And Also to claim the Icarus campus.

descriptionRe: Professor (Doctor) Hewitt Voth The Chancellor of Maelstrom

Good afternoon, Dr. Hewitt Voth! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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