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descriptionRainbull au Oxnuss

Name: Rainbull au Oxnuss 

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House: Shamed

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Ethnicity: Greek

Physical Characteristics: What can you say about a man like Rain. Huge. Hes massive even in human form. Standing at 8'2" in human form and weighing in at 400lbs of raw muscle, his human form towers over the average person and he fills the room wherever he goes. His hair is dark red and kept trimmed into a short mohawk. Across his eye is a scar from a disagreement with another man over the proper way to greet Rain's boyfriend. 

When he transforms, if you thought he was hard to miss before, its only going to exacerbate the issue. His animal form is 9'5" and 530lbs.  His skin takes on a purplish hue and his hair darkens to black. His eyes become bright red and his horns grow from the sides of his head. He wears special leather armor that stretches just enough not to tear when he changes, but no doubt it gets a little tight across certain sensitive areas. 

Mental Characteristics: Rain is always the life of the party. He loves to drink, loves to party, and loves to make friends. This tends to get him in trouble some time, but he rarely notices it. Rain doesnt like to fight, but will protect his friends at the drop of a hat.

Talents: Rain has spent some time doing a few different jobs. He has been both a mercenary, and an exotic dancer. Hes also spent some time on the streets and has some good street smarts.

Home: Wherever his owner takes him

Job: Exotic dancer / Mercenary / Slave

Animal Form: Bull. Makes him look like a minotaur

Bio: Rain wasnt always a slave. He had been born to a nice family,a member of House Meticulous. Hed been taught proper manners,hed been given a decent education. But he had a bit of a temper. Unfortunately he didnt always agree with the members of his house about the importance of "honor". The number of times he had to listen to people complain about some slight to there honor,even if it was some imaginary concern theyd made up in there head,was one to many. 

Hed been a bit of a strange man. He was massive compared to people in his age group,in fact hed been towering over adults since before hed been a teenager. But his parents could handle a giant for a son. But when he was caught kissing another man? Well his traditional parents gave him hell about it. On a walk to clear his head he heard someone make a snide remark about him and he snapped. 

He declared his blood feud there on the spot. Rain gave the man barely enough time to pull his weapon before he started swinging. Unfortunately for him hed just challenged a seasoned fighter and the fight was over quickly. Thankfully all Rain got for his trouble were a few scars,but it was what came next that changed things. 

When word got out about what had happened his parents had no choice. They disowned him publicly,stripping him of the right to there name and money. They Shamed him in front of the entire house and sent him away with the warning to never come before them again lest he be made a slave. 

Rain lived on the streets for most of his young adult years,learning to survive without the protection of a family name or money. His size naturally made him a target for gangs who either wanted his help or considered him a threat. 

When he was 28 he was enslaved for the first time to a rich heiress. She had a taste for the unusual. She made him do things hed rather have forget. Thankfully it didnt last long before she overdosed on drugs and all her slaves scattered to the winds before they were discovered. 

Then the fog came. He was dancing at a local club for extra cash,one of the few skills hed learned that he enjoyed,when someone in the crowd started making a commotion. The bouncers tried to stop the man but he threw them off like they were flys. Where once a man had stood was now a monstrous half formed gorilla man. The man threw things and Rain had to duck behind the bar for cover. He was trapped and the man was blocking the only exit. Something happened and Rain felt a tugging in his stomach,and before he knew it he was running. Running for the door,running for his life. Nothing mattered except escaping even if he had to go through the gorilla man and the walls behind him to do it. He didnt know why but he tilted his head down as he ran and when he hit the man,he felt blood spray across his back before the man flew backwards into the wall. 

It took some time to figure out,but by the time he did nearly everyone knew what had happened. The Calamity. A fog had changed it all in one night. While still recovering from his shock he found the old slaver families had renewed the trade with vigor. He did his best to evade them but in the end...

Feat: Momentus Occasion- While running,Rainbulls body starts to store energy. When he collides with something he imparts that energy into the object catastrophically. This means with a small run up, approximately 10-15ft, he can crash through a wooden wall. With anywhere from about 16-25ft he can crash through a stone wall. With approximately 26-35ft he imparts enough energy to knock over a tree, and in this range he starts to suffer injuries from the force.

Character Goal: Rainbull is a slave once again,this time to be sold at auction. His goal is as it has always been. Survive and find peace.

descriptionRe: Rainbull au Oxnuss

Good afternoon, Rainbull au Oxnuss! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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