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descriptionVirus au Vitus

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Name: - Virus au Vitus

House: - Maelstrom

Gender: - Male

Age: - 25

Alignment: - Chaotic Neutral

Ethnicity: - German

Physical Characteristics: -
Virus stands at about 6 feet tall, weighing in at 180lbs. Leans more towards an athletic sort of build. Has long enough blond hair that if he wanted to, and he does quite often, could pull it back into a ponytail. His body is littered in tattoos, most noticeable, and perhaps notable, is the one that’s on his face. Tank tops and leather jackets are his preferred choice of wear whereas he likes jeans or tight leather for his lower half. No underwear, straight commando if he can help it. Though, his obsession with leather knows no bounds so if he is wearing any, you can bet your sweet ass its leather, too. That being said, he also wears leather gloves with black tactical military fashion boots strapped to his feet. Ears are pierced to his liking, perhaps one or two decorating his lips. He also has in his possession a black leather ushanka hat lined with deep purple fur that he can be seen wearing on occasion.

Mental Characteristics: - 
Rebellious to a fault, afraid of being alone/lonely, needs almost constant attention/affection, addicted to sex, drugs, and dubstep. Mostly sex. Sex Addict.

Talents: - Knife wielding, hand to hand combat, Kama Sutra, Civil Disobedience

Home: - Whichever lover hasn’t kicked him out yet

Job: - Marketeer

Animal Form: - Argentavis

Bio: - Born in Lumos and raised in Maelstrom, Virus grew up with modest beginnings. His family lived decently enough and provided for him as fairly as they could. He spent most of his days with his best friend, Toxic. They did what kids would have normally done, but to the extent of all the bad things kids could do. Drug addiction and dependency hit him at a pretty young age to the point where he would have done almost anything to get more. Which is probably why he turned to selling himself and why his first sexual experience was his friend Toxic. Better the devil he knew than the devil he didn’t. Eventually, this led to a severe addiction to sex which somewhat alleviated his addiction for drugs. Still needed them as they dulled the pain he constantly put himself through though.

Which is quite hilarious to think about. His family didn’t really like that this had become his life and had tried desperately to change him. But that’s when fate struck the first time. During a terribly violent fight with his father, the Calamity struck. Terrible timing all around, it would seem. Through the shear force of things, his mother was killed almost instantly by the two transforming Argentavis’s. The two battled to the death until only one came out on top. House destroyed, bloody corpses and bits scattered about, the now naked man panting and staring in shock at what he’d done. His first thought? Go get himself wasted and forget that this even happened.

As fate would (again) have it though, Virus fell into some debt. He was kidnapped from his ‘home’ and taken some place to be killed. He was beaten within an inch of his life and thrown in a cage to starve and die. To make it more entertaining to watch, they made sure to keep him awake. They constantly ate in front of him and poured water onto the floor just out of reach.

But then something odd was noticed.

The entire time they had him, he didn’t appear to really need to eat or sleep or drink. He looked just as he did after they had finished beating him. He hadn’t gotten much weaker, he still had a fairly loud mouth intent on berating them every chance he got. On the even of the eighth day though, Virus knew something was wrong with him, but tried not to show it. Not that it really mattered too much, his friend came to his rescue. Which, given his friend’s personality, was quite the shock, but hey! Rescued. Not only did they leave with Virus in tow, but Toxic gained a bunch of new things to make a profit on.

Which then led to Virus joining him in his marketeering business because this would lead him to no longer being in debt and making quite the profit for himself as well.

Feat: - Self-Sustenance - Virus doesn’t have the same needs as what the average human would have. He has a vastly reduced need for things like sleep, food/drink, and bodily evacuations. While he does need them, he won’t need them as often. Virus can last up to a week without the need to eat, sleep, or drink. He can function normally for this entire period of time without any adverse effects. It's only after a full seven days that things start to deteriorate. As what would normally happen with anyone who was starting to dehydrate/starve, he would suffer the same effects. Sleep deprivation would kick in and he would be in some dire need of sustenance to stay alive.

Character Goal: - To find love in all the wrong places and probably somewhere along the lines to do better for himself than his family ever could for him.
When they were alive.

descriptionRe: Virus au Vitus

Good evening, Virus au Vitus! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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