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descriptionTiponi, Warrior of House Havoc

Tiponi :
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Tiponi, Warrior to Master Awan of Havoc

House:  Havoc


Late teens to early twenties.

Order is what I seek to maintain--even when others are blind to its form.

Native American

Her body toes the fine balance between opposites: she is fire and ice, she is hard and soft, she is darkness and light.  Her hands are calloused from working animal hides and building shelters, but her skin is relatively light due to the amount of time spent in prayer or ritual.  She is thin and effeminate but bears an athletic tone to her muscles.  Eyes the color of lavender seem to be capable of holding oceans of compassion in them, but can just as easily wield hellfire and brimstone.  

Order, symmetry, and balance hold a special place in Tiponi's life.  Beauty lies in precision and pragmatism.  What some people view as freedom she will see as anarchy and the very thought of discord gives her goosebumps.  Everything from her words to the sway of her hips as she walks is planned, pointed and purposeful.  She seeks to create order from chaos, whether that be in the lives of others and, at the very least, her own.

Human Calculator -  A very odd talent, indeed, but she has the innate ability to crunch almost any sized number in her head instantly.  Equations, as long as she has learned them, are also committed to memory and she can plug in any numbers as needed.

I'm A Survivor - Tiponi is self-sustaining in the wild as long as the area allows it.  She can make fire, forage, hunt and just about anything else required to make it by.

Ambidextrous - Symmetry... balance... Yes, she taught herself how to be ambidextrous.  She could scarcely stand herself when she wasn't!

Wherever she has instilled order within the chaos.


Animal Form:
White Buffalo Calf - If Tiponi's emotions get the best of her then she will begin to get streaks of white in her hair... inevitably, this typically frustrates her further and her entire head of hair will turn white.  This usually won't go any further than this as she has very good control over her full animal form.

White Buffalo Calf Legend/Lore :
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Tiponi was born the daughter of a normal tribeswoman, but she showed the propensity for the sight at a young age and the mantles of responsibility were laid upon her shoulders.  This was no light matter for the Indian woman and she strove to become, body and mind, the paragon of a High Priestess for her Tribe.  Be perfect and that perfection will infect everything around oneself.

The Calamity hit and... well, she struggled for a bit.  Her once proud, noble Tribe dissolved as anarchy and instinct triumphed over order and logic.  The passion and ferocity that had sculpted her into a High Priestess now spurred her into becoming the ultimate warrior--House Havoc was a perfect mold.  She was an initiate and as such was fresh but full of bold, unabashed confidence.  Perhaps it was fate, more likely it was her Grandmaster's sense of humor, but she was paired with Awan.  Oh, Awan... he who was slated for greatness, but did not heed the call.


Still, he taught her, helped her and it was through his guidance that her arrows had found the heart, throat, both lungs and, well, almost every vital organ in the body of Awan's Master.  Thusly, Tiponi was no longer initiate nor was Awan a warrior and they both advanced in position in accordance of Havoc Law.

Memory Rebirth - This is a long, arduous task for Tiponi, but if her subject has been knocked unconscious and she is not disturbed then she can remove and replace a portion of one's memory.  If she seeks to remove and replace an hour's worth of memory then she must spend equivalent amounts of time both for the removal and replacement--so it would take two hours in total for one hours worth of memory.  It is important to note that Tiponi is basically defenseless during this process as her concentration is entirely on her target and both her hands must remain on the subject's head.

The target of this ability will experience a lucid dream state during this rebirth of memory as though they were in a deep, deep sleep.  If the subject wakes up then Tiponi's ability will come to a halt, but any altered and removed memory will remain that way. 

- - -

Tiponi had set up her camp in one of the many caves of Gress Mountain.  Some fool had, apparently, injured himself and was screaming loudly, much too loudly.  He...was a disturbance.  Tiponi made her way down to the idiot and, without conversation, knocked him out.  She did not feel the need to care for the man nor did she want to murder him.  Honestly, she did not even want the man to remember her face.  As she brushed a hand against his face to knock some dirt off it (really, did the dolt have to be so dirty?) she felt a sliver of his... well, memory slide away with it, but only a brief instant of it.  

Intrigued, she made contact again and slipped into the time stream that was his memory once more--there she removed all trace of her and, more importantly, forged the man a stronger, better mental attitude toward his wounds.  He awoke the next morning and limped off.  Whatever happened to him?  Tiponi did not know nor did she care, but she discovered another part of herself that she must master.

Character Goal:
She seeks order, she seeks balance... She's going to pursue whatever her own ideals down whatever path that takes!  Let's have some fun!

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descriptionRe: Tiponi, Warrior of House Havoc

Good afternoon, Tiponi! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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