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descriptionLan au Volke

Name: -
Lan au Volke

House: -

Gender: -

Age: -

Alignment: -
Lawful Neutral, follows the rules he’s told by those he respects but has little if any sense of morality

Ethnicity: -

Physical Characteristics: -
Auburn mid length messy hair and lilac eyes. Nearly fair skin, but not easily burned. 5’3” or 160cm and thin due to a decent metabolism and occasionally forgetting to eat at approx 103 lbs or 47 kg. Varying posture, mismatched clothing. Various scars from his childhood, violently castrated and sent through extreme amounts of pain all but fulling killing his sense of pain. Normally wearing a smile.

Mental Characteristics: -
Subconsciously extremely intelligent that was suppressed due to violent reprimands when it was expressed. Morality was removed from him and he became extremely efficient at killing without needless movements. Normally he is childish and playful but that makes him all the more dangerous as he doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions. He is also willing to confront any foe, face to face, regardless of his or their abilities.

Talents: -
Killing in combat, physical activity, pushing past his own limits. Subconsciously, physics and math and other deep topics. Due to his extremely high pain tolerance, Lan has the ability to ignore most of the muscle inhibitors in his body. Not talented at survival or self care

Home: -
Draconian Barracks

Job: -

Animal Form: -
“War” Chinchilla

Bio: -
Lan was a troubled child. It’s not sure if he was born Shamed and abandoned or if he was kidnapped. Those that would know have been dead for some time. Regardless, awful things were done to Lan. From a young age he was conditioned for a life in an underground even called “The Arena.” It was a place where victims like Lan were forced to fight for bets and spoils which they never saw.

Lan was tormented, his sense of pain dulled from overexposure and constant berating. He was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused in order to be turned into the perfect fighting machine. He became efficient, slowly beginning to see the situation as a game opposed to a fight to the death and laughing as he works, knowing he’d be rewarded with positive attention. This act slowly made him the uneasy favorite.

As Lan grew, so did the uneasiness he pushed into those that watched his fights. If he got too strong, he could over power them, if he lost his boyish face he wouldn’t be desirable which would cut into their profits on him. Soon after they crudely cut off his testicles with a red hot knife, cauterizing the wound and pushing him over that final edge limit of pain. He kept his figure, but most of the limitations that prevented him from seriously hurting himself when attacking were gone. Often he ended up taking longer recovery times from throwing his arms or legs too hard and pulling a muscle. Luckily, a police force ended up busting the ring he was apart of. One of the police officers took pity on the boy and took him home calling someone that the officer believed could help. At this time Lan was 15 and had been raised this way since his early infancy.

Lan became a member of the family Volke and forced to go to school. Volke was a kind but firm leader, but not much of a father which may have been what Lan needed. Luckily there were many people to teach Lan to at least to listen to people he trusted if he couldn’t tell what was right or wrong. It was a long year, but they found and encouraged talents and strength within him.

At the school he was made to go to he was forced to practice other forms of fighting, they refined his talents and figured out he was a fantastic staff fighter and an amazing shot. They also found out that he was gifted with numbers, as long as he wasn’t forced to think of it like it was work. He applied physics nearly flawlessly in practical applications but couldn’t do a lick on a test. It dumbfounded many of his teachers.

There he met a young man named Apollo. Apollo was smart, kind, and a lot of things Lan didn’t believe himself to be. Lan decided then that Apollo would be the man he listened to for right and wrong if he could control it. They became inseparable at school. And eventually became sparring buddies. When working in tandem, Lan and Apollo were able to push back if not defeat every single one of their mentors. At least, shortly before the Calamity.

Lan was awake for the whole thing. He watched as his new family slaughtered each other in the dead of night, as his new home became rancid with the smell of blood. He didn’t want to fight for the first time in his life. He wanted to leave, to see in the darkness, to escape. He felt his body shrink down and his eyes became much better in the little light that came through. He took his chance and escaped, leaving his home.

He spent most of his time post Calamity looking for Apollo, eventually making it to Draconian HQ, half starved, dehydrated, and near death. He weaking called out Apollo. Soon he was nursed to health and given eagerly to Apollo’s squad, as he wouldn’t behave anywhere else.

Feat: -

Character Goal: -
Lan wants to help Apollo and fight strong opponents

descriptionRe: Lan au Volke

Good afternoon, Lan au Volke! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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