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descriptionTimeline from One Year Ago


One Year Ago

No one knew for sure what caused it. Hell, the people involved probably weren’t even sure what caused it. Certainly they were to blame, but without much proof or evidence, who was to say what really happened that night? The only real clear indication that something had happened, despite the bloodshed and chaos, was that now the city, the village, and the Dam that connected the two of them were now stranded somewhere in the middle of what could possibly be a massive ocean.

If you ask me though, something super fucking fishy is going on.
Haha, get it? Fishy? We’re in the middle of an ocean? Haha . . .
Its fucking funny, damn it.

Ten Months Ago

Riots and various murders of obscure natures began to take place in the streets and the homes of the citizens as more and more people began to realize they were stranded here. Among this, bizarre mutations began to spring up like weeds in a garden. Speaking in those sorts of terms though, the growing difficulty to maintain resources was dwindling, the means of survival fading away. Perhaps this had something to do with the fact that men, women, children could all transform into animals be it partially or fully. (Sounds super fucked up to me, but I mean. I’m one of those people, too, so . . .) It's been reported to me that one man became what others could only describe as a Giant Wolf and began to murder people in droves. First his own comrades were to befall his insatiable hunger. Sounds fucking brutal. Though when they proved not enough for him, his attention turned towards the people of Lumos themselves. I’ve no reports of how long this lasted, but I do know he managed to sate his hunger he came to the realization that perhaps he would be better served to move his hunting grounds elsewhere.

For lack of a better use of words, you’re going to have to forgive me here for this pun (Or don’t. I’m not picky). But he seemed to have found greener pastures in Gale. Some of the survivors of his rampage decided to follow in his footsteps, joining up with him as he seemed to provide a light in the vast darkness overtaking everyone. This man,  who came to be known as Fenrir, rose to power and became the first patriarch of the new House Pandemonium. Its sigil became that of a wolf. And you know what fucking happened? Big Bad Patriarch of House Meticulous was all like, “THIS IS MADNESS! THIS IS SPA- . . .” I mean, he was pretty upset about this whole thing. He created a task force with what remained of his control to repel the dissidence and attempt to restore order.

Too bad it never got to see the light of day though. His wife, who would later become the Matriarch for House Maelstrom, murdered him, devouring him as though he were the special of the day at a fancy restaurant. She became that of a great Leviathan, easily taking control of the city. With him out of the way and her back in power, she took possession of the task force. I bet no one fucking saw this shit coming, but you know that task force? Gave the Leviathan the finger and went back to their big ol’ Dragon Daddy, the Sovereign. He vowed to use them to hunt down any person who decided to eat another, to restore order, and to rebuild his nation. This gave him the idea to form House Draconis. They became Meticulous’ military force, taking all the goodness and righteousness from House Maelstrom and made it in its purest form.

I’m looking forward to see where this goes.

Seven Months Ago

As I fucking predicted, the DJ from Havoc owes me some of their good shit. Law and order have been completely fucking disregarded and disintegrated. Chaos remains, groups have been collectively been banding together for things like protection. They created their own rules and regulations, waging tribal warfare to get what they needed. Talk about gorilla tactics. (Haha, get it? Another joke. I’m so good at these.) Philosophies that propped up from the original madness stood firm, the Tribes going by names and representation of their founders. These were basically old houses with new found reasoning, enforcing old traditions. We all know how that shit goes.

Three tribes were at war with one another, one of them originating from the task force by the dead mayor. In the midst of it all, Havoc was reawakened, so to speak. You guys know how Phoenixes like to be, right? Havoc was persuaded to choose a side and they did. House Draconis was provided with skilled warriors who had in days passed previously secluded themselves from their traditions. As I’ve already mentioned with heavy foreshadowing, House Havoc has claimed their sigil of the Phoenix. As the old die, the young take their place in the harshness of the rules of things.

Five Months Ago

As the chaos ensued, two more houses were forced to take sides in the conflict. Both opposing the war and one against chaos.Each in their own way have been fighting for control. House Meticulous, the house of the old mayor and the now reigning Sovereign, found itself on the side of its fallen patriarch. They specialized in crafting tools, armor, weapons, and making all of these things with beauty and splendor. They are the backbone of House Draconis, its task forces from House Havoc. What an amazing alliance this seems to be, right? Right.

Those of House Discord, on the other hand, have always been vile. They have chosen to reside in Gale rather than Lumos itself. When Discord discovered their ways were being threatened, the ending of slavery and its trade, you better believe they were pissed. I mean, I’m all for letting people live how they want and all, but like. Slaves? Really? Fuck you guys! Wait, I’m being told to finish reading. Hold on. Let me find where I threw it real quick.

According to reports, House Discord never got to choose their side, it was decided for them. They decided they were going to break down all man-made concepts of order and force everyone to submit to the natural order of things. It is their belief that they are the Masters of the Universe, everyone needs to be beneath them and they are the Kings and Queens of the Land. The last Patriarch of the house was that of a fusion of a beast. The Great Chimera had finally joined the fray. A raging battle was taking place between the leaders of Meticulous and Discord. A great battle for the command of the legions of free men and the legions of slaves and the overwhelming power of technology raged on. This was basically a feud over control for the Dam. Which, let me tell you something. I’m going to have to side with the Sovereign on this one. That dam makes sure I stay on the air. I’d like it to remain in control of Meticulous please. The power seems to have been restored which is great. I don’t know if you noticed, but I was off air for quite a while.

However, this seems to have come at a price. Honestly, what doesn’t nowadays?A small group of people from both sides banded together; slaves seeking freedom and inventors seeking test subje- . . . I mean inventors seeking a safe haven. Orion’s floodgates opened and power was provided for all. Which this new balance, a treaty of sorts developed between the tribes. The battles would rage nonstop, but at least there finally looked like there was a light in the darkness for all involved.

Oh, wait! This just in! We have repor- . . . -Transmission fails, goes quiet-

One Month Ago

And we’re back! Sorry about that folks. Now, I have some claims that a pirate leader, a man of the sea, has claimed the Dam for himself. A bit scary if you think about it. He’s managed to push out all opposing forces and won the trust of those working at the Dam. How the Hell could that have happened, I don’t fucking know. All I know is is that I’m still on the air so that’s good. He also seems to have truly freed all the slaves in the Dam. Which you know. I would consider a good thing. Aside from the fact they were free to slaughter their masters without warning. I’m not saying I’m against what they did, but I mean. Fair warning before I’m beheaded would be nice. Hold on, they’re telling me to go back to reading the reports again.

The Inventors who managed the Dam were free to build and design whatever their hearts desired as opposed to following the strict guidelines of their original houses. He managed to make this a new house, House Mutiny, with them in mind, granting the truest of freedoms. He’s made the Dam itself into his hostage as it were, holding it for ransom at the cost of the submission of all the other families. He looks to turn this from an all out war to a cold war of sorts. Talk about being blue balled, am I right? Reports tell me that his reign on the war has come to a standstill, however. It looks like the balance of power has started to swaying to and fro like a string caught in the wind. All those involved seem to want to end life of House Mutiny, however.

Sadly with each head ripped off, the people of House Mutiny seem to follow a new leader as easily as the shifting of the tide. Becoming the leader is all that one could ever hope for, but it always seems to come with a price. The Curse of House Mutiny being that the mind, the might, the mantle of all the previous leaders becoming the new leader’s sword and shield. You keep what you kill being a common phrase I’ve heard my counterpart over there say from time to time. Kill or be killed. Your job is to lead your people so that you may be killed by the next potential leader of the House.

Mutiny is forever.

Present Day

Ladies and Gentleman, you have managed to survive the past year. I’m proud of you. The best of your efforts of avoiding this war and partaking in it, you have become a veteran. You have been assigned to be a diplomat of your family . . . Wait, seriously? I’m a diplomat for my family? My family is fucking dead. How does that even . . .

Yeah, yeah. I’m reading the news, I’m reading.

You are a diplomat for your family, a diplomat of war and peace, the choice being a personal one for your unique case. A diplomat you are nonetheless. You head for the Dam to speak with House Mutiny to discuss the power fluctuations with the sector of the city or the village that your family lives in. You expect to see your enemies there, you are always on guard. You are not alone in this endeavour, however. Other diplomats come with you, of course. You have only one goal here in the end: Provide for your family at any costs.

Wait a second. What about people like me? I’m stuck in this goddamn radio room almost all the time and that little bratty bit- . . . I mean, up next we have some lovely violin solos by Sucka au Midicku that I’m sure our lovely Child King would appreciate.

descriptionRe: Timeline from One Year Ago

One Month Later

The Child King came into a host of problems and things he didn't even know existed after his Predecessor was assassinated. What with a whale attacking his primary source of energy to power the grid and the shaming of some of his soldiers, the Sovereign was frantically trying to solve the problem while keeping himself out of danger. However, with the death of his Arch General and the rise of House Eternity, he was distressed about what else might befall him. Elsewhere in the world, Houses Discord and Maelstrom clashed. Its seems they're having what appears to be peaceful negotiations, but only time will tell where that does. The scuffle taking place at the dam ended in the successfully defense by Mutiny, Pandemonium losing a few soldiers as a result. They retreated with tails between their legs to lick their wounds and regroup and try coming at this with a different plan.  This plan being to get into contact with two of their 'allies' to 'rebuild' the Harbinger of Pandemonium. Certainly he has what it takes to wipe out Mutiny? Or does it? Or perhaps while everyone seems focused on this, they didn't notice that a certain person of interest was still alive? The murderer of the previous Sovereign, Malik's beloved mentor, seems to have come back and he certainly has plans to finish what he started. But to what ends does he plan the outcome to be? Will he survive long enough to see it through? Or will he die trying.

Hold on, we have a small note that just came in. I've been asked to read it. "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY DOLL, ALEXANDER?!" Oh. Oh my. Sounds like someone's upset. Well stay tuned! Maybe we'll find out.
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