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descriptionKirkland au Stanstead

Name: - Kirkland au Stanstead

House: - Draconian

Gender: - Male

Age: - 34

Alignment: - Lawful Evil

Ethnicity: - White/European descent

Physical Characteristics: - (Picture to come later) Stands at roughly 6’7” and weighs in at 250lbs. An absolute bear of a man, he has a muscular build that came from a lifetime of martial training that also earned him a spattering of scars, most notably a line of silver that runs from his forehead and over his left eye to his chin from a near-miss that almost blinded him in that eye when he was a boy. Shaggy black hair, and a constant five o’clock shadow.

Mental Characteristics: - Thanks in no small part to a lifetime on nothing but being raised to follow orders without question, he is loyal to a fault to those he is sworn to serve - in this case, he is sworn to serve the Sovereign. Unfortunately this has led to almost fanatical borderline worship of the ruler. Possibly more than a little sociopathic, if the Sovereign says the word then his will shall be carried out as if it came from the mouth of the gods themselves. While he is incredibly adept when it comes to military tactics and combat as well as following orders, that is about the extent of his knowledge. Kirkland, rest his soul, is a simple-minded man whose intellectual abilities fall short of him even knowing how to read. He doesn’t dedicate much brainpower to academic thought or philosophy, focusing on how he can use his tools to suit the Sovereign’s needs.

Talents: - Dealing with the Sovereign’s bullshit, weapons training with a specialization in swordsmanship, plays a mean set of spoons.

Home: - The Sovereign’s Manor

Job: - The Sovereign’s Elite Guard Captain

Animal Form: - Pangolin

Bio: - He had no memory of his father, no idea of what a mother was aside from a vessel in which a child was given life. His first memories were of orders barked in his face by men numerous years his senior, harsh and unyielding voices that impressed upon him the importance of doing as you were told when you were told to do it and without asking why. This was how he honed his skills and drew the attention of his commanding officers and eventually cemented himself a position as a combat instructor in the armed forces.

The military was his family, those in ranks alongside him his siblings, and the Sovereign his God. And then the old Sovereign was assassinated.

For Kirkland this was a new beginning though not much really changed. He was still in the army, he was still following orders, and he still obeyed the commands given to him by his superiors that were fed to them by their leader. Things went on as they had before, Kirkland now enjoying the responsibility of training some of the new bloods and getting them fit for combat.

It was an altogether uninteresting day when his world was turned upside down. He’d been in the process of preparing for the next day’s training sessions when a deep voice caught his ear with a “Hey you!” that was nearly drowned out by the hustle and bustle of people moving through the area. He looked around and his eyes fell on the owner of the voice. Recognition flashed across his features and he resisted the urge to spew right then and there, as none other than the Sovereign stood before him.

“Me, sir?” Kirkland asked, uncomfortably aware of his own pulse as his heart slammed against his ribs.

“Yeah. You. I want you to be the captain of my personal guard.”

“S-sir?” he asked, half-convinced that he’d somehow heard the young ruler wrong.

“Did I stutter? Pick a group of people, bring them with you, you’re the head of my personal guard,” the Sovereign grumbled.

With an elated squeal of delight Kirkland scurried off to gather his things as well as inform his command of his rather impromptu promotion. At first they were confused, sure that the man was delusional, but confirmation came in the form of a letter addressed to them and they found themselves in no position to debate or argue. Before he left Kirkland left them with a list of names. He had already gone about informing the six men he had selected as the rest of the Sovereign’s personal guard that they were being reassigned, and they gladly went with the man.

After arriving at the Sovereign’s manor, no more than a day after what he still considered to be the best moment of his entire life, he began to organize what very few possessions he had in the room supplied to him. Mostly they were weapons, a few pistols he had acquired and a rather nice rifle that he’d used once or twice in combat, but there was also a dress uniform and a set of off-duty clothing. Not that he ever wore either outfit given the choice. As a military man born and raised he felt more comfortable in his fatigues. Though...seeing how he was now the Sovereign’s guard captain, he felt as though something a little flashier would be in order.

Hearing the words ‘elite guard captain’ automatically conjured images of kings and queens, knights, and all sorts of other fantasy images in his mind. So, wanting to look the part, the eager man went out and purchased a crimson plate chest piece and a cape to match. Upon returning to the Sovereign’s manor he was so proud of himself and incredibly excited to show off his new outfit. Not able to resist, he grabbed onto the corners of the cape and began to twirl enough to cause the fabric to catch wind. Before he had time to thoroughly enjoy his new purchases he was escorted off by Arsenic, the Sovereign’s butler, to be fitted for a proper outfit. From what the man said between puffs on his cigarette, the attire that Kirkland chose was ‘a bit too outdated’ for the Sovereign’s liking. And that was all the guard needed to hear. With a solemn nod he took the list provided to him by Arsenic and immediately set out to update his wardrobe.

Despite a slight altercation with the man at the counter of the clothing store when he was handed the list, the man was able to help Kirkland find what he needed. Once everything was paid for he returned and changed into his official guard captain’s uniform. It consisted of a pair of black slacks, a white short-sleeved button up shirt that hugged his biceps and fit tight around his chest, a crimson tie, and a jacket to match that Arsenic mentioned was ‘optional’, but the jacket was flashy enough that he decided that he would probably wear it.

After admiring himself in the full-length mirror that was in his room for nearly two and a half hours he heaved a satisfied sigh, fastening his sword belt around his waist as well as his tactical belt that held his sidearm, just to see how they looked. As it turned out, he was pretty damn hot. Another couple of hours of posing later, he settled into bed with a childlike smile on his face. After a lifetime of hoping and praying, there he was, right at the top, content to worship his God-King and follow his orders without fault. As he drifted off to sleep the last thought in his mind was that he would be certain to cut the throats of any blasphemers that dared to oppose the Sovereign.

Feat: -


Character Goal: -

To maintain the Sovereign’s rule and keep him safe...or die trying.

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descriptionRe: Kirkland au Stanstead


Good morning, Kirkland au Stanstead! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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