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descriptionMarish au Balerun

Name: -
Marish Au Balerun, Harbinger of Justice

House: - 

Gender: -

Age: -

Alignment: - 
Lawful Neutral

Ethnicity: -

Physical Characteristics: -
Blond, a bit short with a youthful appearance, Not cut, but not neglected. Seems to have piercings and an eyepatch.

Mental Characteristics: -
Stubborn, goal focused, a very black and white person

Talents: -
A person of the environment they resides in, they have a knack for seeing patterns. He can see the way things will fall, the paths they’ll take, and what they’ll hit. This is done with inanimate objects and only within his field of vision. In short, this isn’t a guy you wanna play billiards against.

Home: -
Orin Dam Level 3 Purgatory.

Job: -

Animal Form: -
Tube-lipped nectar bat

Bio: -
Before the Calamity, Marish was taught one thing as if it was of the utmost importance. “House ties mean nothing unless you’re high enough in the ladder for them to pull weight.” This was something that Marish believed to be truth and was influential in their drive to push forward despite any obstacles. A major issue with that drive was a form of mental complex that lead them to fight anyone with a superiority complex based on social structure.
As their mentality lead Marish to the occasional fight, they were sent to work with Havoc laborers for a physical catalyst to channel their “incessant and arbitrary rage.” Marish’s formal education was stripped away from that moment and, although he didn’t agree with the fact they used a house label, they adored the simple structure Havoc held themselves to. Marish admired them and their ways, practicing and following them more for an interest than a focus point
It didn’t take long for Marish’s talent to be noticed and for them to be moved over to the construction areas, and from that point it wasn’t long before their foreman figured out that Marish’s eye made them a better fit for destruction. Once they had a mind for the system (the types of explosives used, the different methods of destruction, ect) Marish began to notice what most others had; they could see patterns. Due to this uncanny ability, Marish became one of the lead demolition experts.
In fact, between learning basic Havoc ways and working a job where they felt valued, Marish seemed to be opening up some. All until some of his coworkers offered them a place in Havoc. Marish made his views blatantly clear that day and left. The Calamity struck the same day which lead to Marish doing a lot of escaping from prospective predators. Their skill began to be applied in a more rushed manner. Running through Palentree, Marish tripped trying to start a chain reaction to block off their paths. However, they underestimated the strength of the object and fell over becoming captured.
Marish was chained, arms immobile, and legs tied together.They were forced to stay on the ground, only able to move their mouth. Marish knew the pattern of the car, the materials that made it, but without their tools Marish was powerless. This pissed them off causing them to spit in the face of one of their captors. Marish’s teeth clicked together hard when the captor decided to raise his fist. The explosion sent everyone for a shock, all but killing the attacker and causing the vehicle to careen and wreck.
Marish spent the next few weeks mastering his new talent, figuring out it’s tricks, the little bits of it. During the first bit, this made it so Marish gave themself a nasty scar over their eye and a few new holes in their face. Marish simply decided to put metal in the holes to make it so it was easier for themself to protect from further accidents. When they heard about a new house being formed, Marish decided to check it out, joining it’s ranks and pushing his own form of honor and equality where anyone could do anything, regardless of stature. Marish worked to a position of respect and where their talents would be used, Hell Diver of Mutiny, the one who judges those who come to take the Captian’s place.

Explosive Spit. Don’t be fooled, saliva is actually the neutralizing factor in this. However, it has the ability to generate a separate substance that explodes after it clicks it’s teeth. While generating this substance, it has to be doing nothing else with it’s mouth (IE they cannot be working with their mouth to do anything else when generating the explosive spit. Cannot be prepping for a kiss or eating, chewing, ect.). Additionally, depending on delivery, the user must also use their actual saliva to act as the neutralizing agent in order to protect their face. The explosion is activated by a loud clicking of the teeth.

For reference a stick of dynamite 1¼” in diameter and 8″long or 33.87in^3 area and moves 2200lbs or solid rock.Spit is somewhere between 0.0366142 and 0.07261825547in^3. So if we use TNT as the equivalent, Marish’s spit does about 1/50 the same damage of a stick of TNT or the ability to move 44 lbs of solid stone  with a wholly wet mouth with a good spit take. I was aiming for an average of 33 lbs of explosive force. Converting that into Joules, it is approximately 5MJ/kg for a full amount of dynamite. Marish’s spit on direct contact would do approximately 50,000 joules of force against a direct point of contact or 1/20th that needed to kill a person (using a car wreck as an example of mortality force resistance.)
Additionally, as it isn’t in a closed cylinder, the blast radius is much smaller than a full stick. Unless the spit is on or directly next to the foe, there isn’t going to be much damage.

TLDR; The spit is non lethal unless landing on a lethal point, however it will do serious damage if extremely close or in direct contact.

Character Goal: -
To Dismantle the house structure as it is to make room for a new one, believing Mutiny is the best place to do it.

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descriptionRe: Marish au Balerun

Good morning, Marish au Balerun! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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