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descriptionNite au Veil

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Name: - Nite au Veil

House: - Meticulous

Gender: - Male

Age: - 21

Alignment: - True Neutral

Ethnicity: - Caucasian

Physical Characteristics: - Nite stands at a whopping 6’ and weighs roughly 160 lbs. He’s got short, flaming red hair, and the most golden yellow eyes ever imaginable. He likes to wear various styles of black clothing and can often be seen with his fingernails painted red. He definitely has a few piercings decorating his face and ears, and it has been confirmed that he does have a dick piercing. You can ask any of the men and women that he’s slept with. Not saying he’s a slut or a fuckboi, just saying that no one can stand that godawful laugh for more than one night. He almost always has a pair of headphones on be they the ones from the station or his own personal set. He dances to the beat of a different drum and it's definitely not in the same parade as everyone else.

Mental Characteristics: - While he comes from the most serious of backgrounds, the man is a jokester. He likes making others laugh and have a good time so that maybe, if only for a few moments, they can smile and feel good despite all the horrible things. He’s moderately intelligent and skilled enough to play a variety of instruments.

Talents: - Mastered the laugh of his animal species. Radio, Hosting, Djing to a degree. Musical instrument playing, mainly violin.

Home: - Somewhere in the Sovereign’s Manor

Job: - Radio Host

Animal Form: - Spotted Hyena aka Laughing Hyena

Bio: - Nite hails from a wealthy Meticulous family. Or at least, what used to be a wealthy Meticulous family. His father used to work directly with the old Sovereign, but he was never really sure what that entailed. He stayed at home with his mother and younger siblings, taking music lessons and getting what resembled a decent education. One could honestly describe him as one of the popular boys, constantly getting love and attention and affection from everywhere. His friends loved him, his peers looked up to him, some of his teachers doted on him. Hell, one or two of them was even exchanging sexual favors with him for various things. Why? Nite was just one hell of a guy.

Around the age of eighteen, he had a falling out with his family. He couldn’t remember what it was about. Something about his choice in career. He didn’t want to be stuck in a stuffy suit all the time. He wanted to wear what he wanted, say whatever it was he wanted. Do whatever it was he wanted. Radio sounded really appealing to him so when he was kicked out, he did everything in his power to make his dream come true. It was a pity, however, that it didn’t work out as well as he had planned. He turned to selling himself to make ends meet. That is, right up until the Calamity happened.

One of his younger siblings had snuck him back into the house. Their mother was very ill and she had been asking for him. Their father didn’t want to see him, something about killing him on sight if he ever saw him again. On her deathbed, their mother apologized, reaching up to touch her son’s face. She died mere moments before the fog rolled in. Right as their Father opened the door to check on his wife. It all happened so fast. Giant beasts he never imagined roared from both sides and clashed right in front of him. His younger brother and father were fighting, tearing claws into each other, ripping flesh from muscles with razor sharp fangs. His siblings, it seemed, had enough sense to try and protect him despite looking like hyenas. His father murdered them all. He figured this was where he died, too. He’d lived a good life. What he thought was a good life anyway.

The hyena that was his dad started laughing at him. He didn’t like that. As his dad got closer, the laughing got more intense. He got upset and threw a punch once it got close enough. However, it jumped on him instead and went for the throat. He didn’t know what happened. Would never be able to explain it. He, too, became that of a hyena. He fought his father well into the night and came out alive. He exploited weaknesses that his siblings had left with wounds on the other and killed him. When he changed back, he was covered in blood and guts and things that he just never thought would ever happen. He ran. He remembered running. He didn’t remember much after that.

Just a kind man dressed in what he could also describe as that of a butler, inviting him to be a radio host. He immediately jumped at the chance and agreed. Little did he know that he would be working directly under the Sovereign. Was that a blessing? Or was it a curse?

Feat: - Nite’s Contagious Laugh (aka Tasha's Hideous Laughter; totally borrowed that from Bards on DnD then morphed it) - Nite discovered that his laugh became as infectious as a disease one night when cornered in the back alley of some place he doesn’t remember. What he does know, however, is that they were going to kill him. He was already bleeding from a gunshot wound (the bullet grazed him, but he didn't know that at the time) and figured they were going to finish him off. But then he started laughing. He figured he was gonna die, why not make the best of it? So he just started laughing. They were confused at first, they didn’t understand. Not that it mattered, they started laughing, too.

It creeped him out, but the more he laughed, the more they laughed. He eventually stopped and started to run, but they couldn’t follow. At least, not right away. They stopped laughing shortly after he did, but it was too late. He’d already taken off to safety.

Character Goal: - To read the news and play the kinds of tunes that he likes and keep the people who aren’t directly involved in the war itself informed and entertained, no matter what form it takes.

descriptionRe: Nite au Veil

Good afternoon, Nite au Veil! After adding your role and figuring out all of the arrangements for you to be an radio announcer, you are now fully approved to start roleplaying! As soon as you are ready, you can jump into the world of Lumos!

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