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Name: - Noiz Hushed la Ashewa

Guild: - Explorer

Gender: - Male

Age: - 19

Alignment: - Chaotic Neutral

Ethnicity: - Caucasian

Physical Characteristics: - Before the Desolation, Noiz looked like a normal human. Or about as normal a human as he could be. He stood at about 6ft tall and weighed about 175lbs. His hair was a messy kind of black and his eyes were the brightest of blues. He was never really good at communicating with others, stuttering and stammering a lot. Because of the bullying, he mostly stayed quiet, acted like he couldn’t talk. It seemed to help him out for the most part. As he got older, he worked out, got himself into shape. He’d gotten a couple of tattoos when he got the courage for them, tried to make the scars that littered his body from his younger days less noticeable. He became an explorer to get away from people and just be alone, do whatever it was he wanted. Had a couple friends from this, scribbled notes to them when he wanted to say something. Things seemed good though.

But then the Desolation blanketed the island and the explorer found himself in a terrible fit of coughing and vomiting. He wasn’t sure what was going on. What happened. He just passed out and woke up a few days later. Things felt different. Strange. He didn’t understand. One quick look in the mirror showed him the grotesque transformation, the horrible mutation that had overcome his body. He was almost completely covered in a mix of red and black fur; parts of his back, most of his chest and parts of his arms the only places that showed the human underneath. The rest of him looked like . . . looked like that of a wolf.

Mental Characteristics: - Calm and quiet. Slow to anger. Has completely lost the ability to speak through a mixture of his mutation and what caused it to happen. Hates having to show himself around people. Is cautious. Is having to relearn certain things since his hands have become paw like. Tries to stay out of trouble and out of sight.

Talents: -  Sneaking, exploring, survival (hunting, foraging, running, jumping, stuff like that), intimidation (appearance based)

Home: - No home to speak of; mostly travels. Probably sleeps in a tent/under the stairs

Job: - Adventurer

Beast Mutation: - Pictured Above; Red Wolf

Bio: - Not saying that Noiz is an orphan, but this kid was totally an orphan. He was born in Ashewa and raised in a small orphanage. Here is where he was bullied the most for his speech impediment that later contributed to his present day inability to speak. As far as he knew, he’d been there since he was a baby. Oddly enough, no one really wanted to adopt him so he lived there until he was able to age out. He never really understood why no one wanted to adopt him though. He was one of the better off looking kids and yet he still couldn’t get adopted. He tried literally everything, but he later found out that the reason no one wanted him was because they thought he couldn’t speak. No one wanted a child with such a disability, it seemed. And what a pity that turned out to be for him.

His schooling was minimal at best, but he learned enough to get by. Not that being an explorer needed much of an education though. He had heard so much about them growing up that he wanted nothing more than to be the most famous explorer Isati had ever heard of. He dreamed about it, daydreamed about it. He made it his life goal to join an expedition when he was old enough. So when he finally turned sixteen, he left the orphanage in search of one. He joined an explorer group at first, tried to learn everything that he would need to know. They sort of mostly just used him though in every sense of the word. He eventually broke away and went to exploring on his own, being more careful of who he spent his time with.

Then, of course, the Desolation hit. He found himself some shelter in a cave and figured that this was the end. This was where he was going to die. He coughed so bad from the smoke that he had inhaled that he vomited. It kept going until he was sure that he saw blood. By that point, however, he passed out. Was out for days until he finally came to. Wasn’t sure what it was. The scent of food probably. He smelt it and it roused him from his slumber. He saw a being he had never laid eyes on before sitting in front of a fire with him in his cave. All they did was smile and offer him food. He took it and felt compelled to finally speak, to say thank you, but he couldn’t. His voice was completely gone. That panicked him. What made that panic worse was he caught a glimpse of his hands. He freaked out and tore into his bag and drew out his mirror. Or rather, what he used as a mirror. What he saw was . . . Horrifying. And yet that other creature didn’t seemed frightened of him. It took him a little bit to calm down and when he did, he just sort of slumped and ate what had been offered to him in the first place.

He has no idea what happened to cause his sudden mutation, he figured that weird smoke had something to do with it. While he wants to find out what that is, he’s also terrified of what others are going to think when they see him. He has no idea this is something that happened to everyone. For now, he’s just chilling with the one person who seems to ‘like’ hanging out with him. What he assumes they seem to like to do. They haven’t left yet.

Religion: -  Solinism - Ytiri - Matron of Water

Blessing: - "Squirtle's" Water 'Gun' - Noiz can shoot a jet of water out of his mouth. This jet of water is controlled by the muscles in his throat so that he can make it a piercing shot that can go through thin materials (like paper or cloth) or a sort of soft fountain like spray that can be collected and drank or even a 'spray' of water similar to a mist if he really wanted to. Now, I know what you’re thinking; who the hell would want to drink the water that shoots out of another guy's mouth? Well, considering it's probably not polluted (or at least, it doesn’t taste like it is) and you’re in the middle of a desert, you’ll take what you can get. That and its going to taste amazing and you wouldn’t want to drink anything else ever again. (Probably)

Character Goal: - Attempt to regain some notion of his life before the Desolation; go back to exploring and adapting to his new body.