Cruveto au Galena

House: - Meticulous

Gender: - Male

Age: - 36

Alignment: - Lawful Good

Ethnicity: - Caucasian

Mental Characteristics: - Cruveto is the poster boy for Meticulous, cunning, resourceful, a boy scout that grew into a man with ambitions to lead. He must elevate himself but always seem humble.

Talents: - He is talented with words, or he has been lead to believe that he has a fine tongue when expressing himself. He also attended training within the project light experiment. He graduated from the third class. He knows five different languages and is skilled when using staffs, swords, his specialty, however, is with crossbows.

Home: - City Hall

Job: - Commander

Animal Form: - Pelican

Bio: - To be revealed in character.

Feat: - When angry, the skies turn black, and it begins to rain. The Feat developed when he was fighting to save the life of his men from a lion with a fire affinity. To stop the lion's flames, and to protect his men from burning alive. He summoned a storm that drowned out the fires and washed away the decay from the battle ground. It had blacked out the sun, and make the use of fire almost useless, allowing him and his men to defeat the beast.

Character Goal: - To build his men, and promote the capabilities of his house and house draconian. He wishes to see the aims of the Sovereign met, and he wants to true peace in Lumos, the cost of which he is undecided.

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