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descriptionApollo au Baer

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“I would have lived in peace, but my enemies brought me war.”
House: - Draconian
Gender: - Male
Age: - 15
Alignment: - Lawful Good
Ethnicity: - Armenian
Physical Characteristics: - Apollo stands a measly four feet and seven inches, small for his age compared to the other boys he knew. While he is small he makes up for it with a big heart, quite literally. He has crooked teeth, so he never smiles but his golden locks are soft on the eyes, he claims it to be his only redeemable feature.
Mental Characteristics: - Apollo is often rash, rude, and indifferent to others that he does not know, but he is very loyal to the people he looks up to. He has a quick wit, and a potentially crude sense of humor, he is however shy about it. He puts on a tough front so others don’t realize his vulnerabilities to certain subjects.
Talents: - Apollo has not quite developed himself outside his primary private classes, where he was home schooled. He does however have a specific mindset for strategy and war, a natural sense to pick up on vulnerabilities both in singular and group battles. Outside of these specific talents, his time as a slave has taught him how to pleasure both women and men, his original trade being prostitution.
Home: - Terra Complex
Job: - Initiate
Animal Form: - Mouse
Bio: - Born a slave, Apollo had no name, he was shamed, his mother a pixie, he would likely follow in her footsteps. At a young age he was trained on the male and female genitalia, how to use his body to bring pleasure to those he was suppose to service. At the age of eleven he was sold and put on a boat, shipped to Lumos where he found himself lost amongst a group of other slaves. Penniless and without a parent, or master Apollo was certain he would die, but a wealthy man of the Baer family found him, cleaned him up, and to Apollo’s surprise he was loved in a way, despite the man's secret fetishes in the night the man adopted apollo into his wealthy family. This did not happen overnight of course, he was within the families service initially working for his keep, where he cleaned day in and day out, and servicing his caretaker at night, clearly grateful for being taken off the streets for a short while but after his adoption into the Baer family all of that ended, a distance swept over him as the matriarch of the baer family demanded he be sent to become a proper gentleman of the highest caliber. Sent to a secret school for young children in Meticulous he would spend the next three years, each day studying and training seventeen hours a day seven days a week, each course an hour long. He would learn the arts of swordsmanship, archery, stealth, and sleight of hand. He would be trained in the arts of war which he had a high aptitude for. He would study medicines, house relations, designs and technology, psychology and various other social matters that would allow for him to read and manipulate the minds of people he interacted with. He would hone these arts by training his mind and body night and day, being tested by his mentors, in games with others in similar programs. Games like underwater rugby, and combatives with various weapons and tools and then mental games like mafia, chess, empire to hone his tactical edge. He was trained to be a ruler, a lover, a leader, a fighter, a gentleman, and he was programmed to obey and respect those who came before him. His adoptive parents put him through rigorous trials, and had it not been for the calamity he would have spent another seven years in this program that stole the boys childhood. Apollo while sometimes longing to be normal, his adoptive brothers and sisters heirs and heiresses able to do as they pleased he was locked away, anytime permitted away from studying was dedicated to perfecting one's appearance in the eyes of the families, and if not that then it was dedicated to rest, and preparation for the trials of the next day. When the calamity occurred… all of that went away.

The Calamity

On the morning of the Calamity Apollo was not awoken by his tutors but instead slept in for a change, feeling well rested he wandered the halls of a dark house, no lights the power clearly gone. He called out of course but no one responded, he had strict rules that he was not allowed to leave the house without a tutor present, so fear of punishment kept him in the house with no one in it for three days. On the third day he emerged into a world of chaos, the servants, tutors, in his eyes now giant mounds of rotten corpses littered across the courtyard of his home. He was smaller than the bodies, but he hadn’t quite remembered being as small as he was. It took him no time at all to get to the front gates, scampering through tall blades of grass, and using the bodies as a means to see where he was going. Once he made it to the gate, a freight car with sirens blowing out to anyone who could hear alerting all of those within the house of Meticulous where the others could be found. Apollo thinking quickly ran in front of the vehicle, and there he saw his reflection, a small boy with giant round ears, beady black eyes, whiskers, and a long white tail protruding from his back. The shock of it all almost made him faint, but he had more important things to take care off. A grunt, a snort, and then the sound of someone spitting echoed in his ears that were now more sensitive then he remembered. “Ey you, what house are you in, whose family are ya?” The voice screeched in his ear, heightened hearing making him feel like his ear drums were going to burst. He understood the question tho, as he began to focus on controlling himself. I am Apollo au Baer a student of The Meticulous Marshall’s he held up a white glove to reveal cursive stitching that made to Letter Ms. “Alright then, you are just the boy we've been looking for, congratulations you are the last heir to the Baer name, all of your fathers wealth, resources, influence are now yours, in spite of recent events you have been selected to serve in the Draconian Army, and should you survive honor and respect will be gifted to you for your merit, now hop in i've got to deliver you right away” Apollo nodded, his journey within the past year being a brutal one.

The War

Apollo would spend the next year going into the ups and downs of house Draconian, he was a prodigy among them, but his boyish rage always got the better of him, preventing him from leading anyone on his own, and because his unwillingness to work with anyone else, he was either sent on solo missions or suicide missions, where he had just enough skill to escape alive. With house mutiny calling for peace and submission from all of the other houses, Apollo was now supposed to spy on house Mutiny to see where their true loyalties rested, and he was to scan for weaknesses, which is where he stood now, living in the pipes of the Dam, and gathering intel for Draconian.
Feat: - Currently None Will Develop Later
Character Goal: - With his wits about him, his hopes are not be found out in regards to his true slave identity, maintain the status of his family name, and hopefully find the remains of his family. He also hopes to find himself within the war, learn who he is and wants to be, the overall goal being to live in an honorable way as the man he feels he should be.

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descriptionRe: Apollo au Baer

Good afternoon, Apollo Au Baer! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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