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descriptionSidhi’thii au Ma’ahtli

Name: -
Grandmaster Sidhi’thii au Ma’ahtli

House: -
Havoc I suppose

Gender: -

Age: -
Mid 40s

Alignment: -
Lawful/Chaotic Neutral depending on who you ask

Ethnicity: -

Physical Characteristics: -
She varies her posture and stature to throw people off. One moment she’s standing tall at 5’6” and lean muscle almost forcing you to look away out of respect, the next minute she’s hunched over a plate of food devouring it so voraciously you have to stare transfixed in horror. Her brown eyes have a fire in them continuously and her dark hair is kept short, as to prevent it to be used against her.

Mental Characteristics: -
She’s a bit mischievous and rather enjoys shattering people’s expectations of what a Grandmaster represents. For instance, she is often early to leaderly meetings and seen often stuffing her face or perhaps she takes a semi-serious approach about things that shouldn’t be suggested (simply killing the children should prevent them from wasting supplies). She is willing to play Devil’s Advocate and will often play against even her allies to test their resolve. She is a woman of Honor and a strong moral code as shown by the fact her current allies have nearly lost her help often.

Talents: -
Fighting in EVERY way, debating, being awesome, eating, strategizing, decent political skills, reading people.

Home: -
Wherever my clan is

Job: -

Animal Form: -

Bio: -
(Sidhi’thii was raised Havoc. See Alvarance as reference for young life.)
As a young girl Sidhi’thii was a Havoc prodigy to the point where she circumvented her Master shortly before her twenties. She impressed the Grandmaster at that time with how fast she rose in the ranks. “An uneasy time is approaching. I was wondering if you’d take on a task to assist our clan in the future.” Sidhi’thii, believing then that her purpose was to do anything to help the clan persevere accepted. She was sent to the Order of Orion where, although rocky at first and met with much resistance from most sides, she learned many skills regarding education, diplomacy, and the other cultures. Her grades and responses were paraded around as a success story.

She found her education dull, listless, and nearly lifeless of all meaning. What good were stuffy manners since they hid your true intent? Though she continued to do what was asked of her, she stopped caring about looking the part, practicing instead to read through the masks of her classmates. Though friends was too close a term for Sidhi’thii and her classmates, they did get along. In fact Sidhi’thii worked with them practicing her skill of looking through people and them hiding their intention. This resulted in some of the best scores in Orion history.

When she returned she passed on what she knew to very few people, wary about her Grandmaster’s feeling. She became her Grandmaster’s advisor, learning quickly how to best integrate the two styles of teaching. Her education may have been lacking to many of her other house peers, but she had a logic with her Havoc teachings that helped her cut through to the best possibility for her and her people. She continued to sharpen her skills for two more decades.

During the Calamity, against her advice, the Grandmaster decided to wait and watch to see the extent of the effects. They instead took to themselves, deciding to Master their other forms when discovered. Sidhi’thii couldn’t argue their logic behind it, but something set wrong with her. Something that’d upheave her life and the clan.

As she feared, the war came to the Grandmaster’s temple and she watched almost helplessly as man and beast charged at the man who pushed her away. Though he fought many off, they were still too much for him and before long he lay abandoned and dying. She grabbed his body, holding it close. “Please, take all I can,” he whispered through blood soaked breath, “Take all I know please… Grandmaster” A faint light traveled from his forehead to hers and images, sounds, memories, thoughts, feeling rushed into her head along her own. She screamed loudly, clutching her head, trying to organize all the information moving through her skull. The few remaining onlookers worried that they’d soon become like Pandemonium, lost to the chaos. “G-Give me a while, let… let me figure this all out.” She whispered, staggering off to a room to sort her thoughts.

When she emerged, Havoc soon had a strong focus towards finding peace. Sidhi’thii took charge, quickly meeting with Draconian in order to keep Pandemonium in check.

Feat: -
Knowledge Transferal. She has the ability to give all her gained knowledge and experience to another individual. The person receiving this knowledge also receives the ability to Transfer Knowledge to another willingly in addition to existing feats. As Sidhi’thii did NOT earn or find another feat before receiving this, Sidhi’thii specifically cannot have another feat.

Mythical Beast Rule

Character Goal: -

I aim merely to spread peace and the philosophy of Havoc through our own youth and even into the baseline teachings of other houses. “The youth steer the tides after our death through their own thoughts and feelings, to make them the best capable of doing so requires pain and direction.”

descriptionRe: Sidhi’thii au Ma’ahtli

Good afternoon, Sidhi'thii au Ma'ahtli! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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