Viveka au Myszka

House: Meticulous 

Gender: Female
Age: 24
Alignment: Lawful Good
Ethnicity: Polish Decent

Physical Characteristics:  
Height: 4'9''
Weight: 105 lbs
Build: Slim and Soft
Other Characteristics: She has long brown hair that is typically worn in a braid or in a high bun. She has wide bright blue eyes that are somewhat sensitive to the light. She wears red rimmed glasses. Her complexion is clear and is a pale ivory color. Her hands are small and childlike.  

Mental Characteristics:  Viveka has always been slightly shy as child. Her shyness later turned into being observant. One might say she is a people watcher. She tries her best to be non-judgmental, but she isn't afraid to tell you the brutal honest truth if you asked. Some of her quirks include fiddling/cleaning her glasses even if not needed as a coping mechanism to stress or anxiety. She also has a bad habit of twirling her hair when put in awkward situations. One on one encounters are more her strong suit. She doesn't do well in groups of people she doesn't know very well. 

Talents:  Viveka has not been put into positions to figure out any talents of her own. She has a knack for being able to obtain and hold knowledge relatively easily. This has come in handy for a few things she has accomplished but she herself wouldn't say she was talented in any of these things. She is not a creative sort of person. In a sense, some people would argue that she is still young and finding her talents as she is set up with more opportunities in life.



Animal Form: Grey Mouse Lemur


Feat: The ability to see people's desires/wishes through mind reading.

Character Goal: