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Name: Awan

House: Havoc

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Alignment: Neutral Good

Ethnicity: Native american

Physical Characteristics: 

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 235 lb

Body type: Muscular build Warrior build. 

Mental Characteristics: 

Awan is a lay-back jolly individual that seems to be care free in his endeavors. Easily likable and a very caring person.  

Phobias: The fear of intimate Relationships when it comes to lovers, intimacy and closeness with friends does not bother him.  

Quirks:  Has a loud joyous laugh that can fill a room.  

Habits:  Only sleeps in high places.

Talents: Survival skill in the wild, Hunting, Cooking, Tracking, horseback riding, wrestling, hand to hand combat, Archery, ancient weapon fighting, tactics and guerrilla warfare. 

Unique Talents: Deep Meditation, Story telling, Spirit walking/Vision questing. Herbalist in ancient medicines, Hallucinogens, and Ointments. 

Home: Where i lay my head tonight under the Great Night Sky; but most likely in a high place like a tree. 

Job: Master of Relations  

Animal Form: Thunder Bird 


Awan stood in the woods with a surrounding of fresh initiates. 
       " You asked for me to tell you a story." he began to lite a fire between us; he talked grinding minerals in a bowl

       " Well watch the fire, set your mind free, and i'll show you a story instead." throwing some powder on the fire it roared to life and the flames started to take form to his words.

Before the Calamity: Chapter One: The Bear and the Boy 

       It all started in a great tribe; a son of a Chieftain, to tough on himself, to eagerly wanting to be Chieftain. Always chasing his Father the Great Bear Chief they called him. A great man, a strong and wise Chieftain, and a loving father. If only the boy knew that then. That foolish boy was eighteen years of age. A great warrior and hunter with skills the tribe expected of the Chieftain son.  The other man were inspired by him, the young women wanted him, the younger children saw him as a living legend. Yet he had no close friends, took no wife and had no children for he saw it as a distraction from his goal. 
       His father saw this and took him to the ridge over looking the valley where his tribe called home, The Father spoke 
       " What do you think is the greatest memory i have." the son quickly answered 
       " the first time you returned from a hunt" the Father stood there looking out at the village and answered
        "No." the second answer from the son came as fast as the first
        "The day you became Chieftain of this tribe " the father shook his head
        "No" the son thought this time deeply for a few moments then answered 
        " the day you united all the neighboring tribes into one and finally solved the problems of war, hunger, and unnecessary death in this world." his Father again Shook his head 
         "No". The Son stood there puzzled as to what it could of be. The Father spoke and turned to face his son 
         " When I hunted my first stag it was fantastic, but only because I had my friends that partook in the feast afterwards, the day I became Chieftain it was indeed a great day but not as great a day as when i married your mother and we shared our love under the Great Night Sky, And when I untied the tribes i did it so my New born son could live in a peaceful world, you see my greatest memory was the day you were born Son and until you know the joy i have experience; no matter how much you are great with a bow, or how skillful you are at the hunt, or how many battles you win; it will mean nothing unless you have people to share it with."  The Father, stood there turning to were the village stood and pointed 
          " I am Great because the village are my family as you are my son and you both push me to be better then i am; that is what you need to understand my son." the son dropped to his knees and his eyes watered the soil with his tears. for so long he kept chasing after his father cause he was great and he to wanted to be great, to only realize that his greatness was not forged in blood and steel but in peace and harmony, that was the day the selfish boy had died and the man started to live. He looked at his father and promise to become a man people could follow and that he would become stronger for it. 

The Calamity Comes: Chapter Two: The World changes and the Thunderbird is born
            Many Seasons passed: The boy became a man; He had a tribe he loved and held close. He Acquired a wife of true beauty, A priestess of the highest order. Her heart he somehow stole and years later married. To him his life was perfection and the joy he had attained was beyond his wildest dreams He had finally understood what his father the Great Bear Chief meant all those years ago. 
            Then something in the world started to change and The Elders of the village could feel it coming. The Chieftain called for his son one night before The Elders. 
             "My son, The Elders and myself have sense a great change is coming and we want to be prepared for it. so we wish for you to do something." 
             "Yes Father, What is it you need me to do?" The son responded.
             "On behalf of the tribe and myself i ask that you travel west to the mountain tops to see the Seer and seek her council."  
             "For the tribe I'll do anything." The son smiled as he stood.
             "Even climb Mountains it seems." his father laughter filled the hut as he stood and embraced his son. 
             " Well of course father. if i do not, they would want to send you. Father I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you are no spring chicken and i fear your old bones will not bear the journey." The hugged as they laughed his father punching his shoulder playfully. 
             "Now now, Jokes aside ready your things and make love to your women you will be leaving at dawn." The son nodded and was off.

             Awan sighed as he broke the illusion of the story.
             " Short story is, He says his fare wells, leaves at dawn and travels for a few day and arrives at the Seer. The Seer tells him that a great change in the world is coming and that the he will lose everything, but will be reborn in the fires of a Calamity. So he cursed her as she also foretold he would do and rushes back to his village. To late as the seer said he would be, the village was gone and so was his tribe no trace to be found. in that moment of defeat he stood on the ridge where his father had took him so many times and he cried and screamed in frustration and the clouds became dark and his screams became laughs and his laughs became the sound of thunder and his pain was painted across the sky as lighting. And that, was the day a Thunderbird was born." the silenced was finally broke by Awan words.
               "Good story that one."  Awan looked at the initiates and laughed. 

A year later: Chapter Three: The real meaning of rebirth. 

                The Thunderbird kept to him self as he travel surviving as he could and forever searching for fellow tribe people holding on to hope that they would still be alive. Until one day he came across a group of men who surrounded him and tried to take his belongings as well as his life to there dismay they did not live to tell the story but the women that sent them on whatever mission came hunting for them herself. And eventually found the Thunderbird and they entered a duel one on one they fought with just there skills and swords and eventually the Thunderbird lost. As such his life became forfeit, but death did not come as the Women was impressed that he could hold his own; So instead of bringing death to him she gave him a chance at life within the walls she had built in this war torn world. And there in the flames of a Phoenix the Thunderbird was reborn and till this day after the hell and trials she put him through he stands by her side ready and willing to go to hell and back. 

Character Goals: 
 Serve his Grand Master and Reunite with his people and most of all find his wife and hold her in his arms and never let her go...

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