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descriptionIdou ra Icarus

Idou ra Icarus
The last Red Legionnaire

House: - Shamed
Gender: - Male
Age: - 78 appears 22
Alignment:  Chaotic Evil
Ethnicity: - Unknown

Talents: -  Archery, Swordsmanship, Swimming, Running, and Acrobatics. After regaining his youth he refused to let himself fall out of shape, put his new body to its limits each day. 

Home: - Nomadic

Job: - Secret

Animal Form: - Terratorn 

Feat: - Through the desire to become young again, Idou was granted the ability to revert to the physical age of 22 indefinately, for each second he ages, he reverts back by that second never going back beyond the age of 22. He can still die by any means, the only form of death he successfully escaped was the death of old age. 

Character Goal: - Idou aims to kill his one and only pupil Ichiro au Icarus. He has already killed every other heir to Red Legion, and he aims to revamp the Red Legionaires back to their former glory into the once proud house of Icarus. He intends to do this after eliminating house Meticulous, and Maelstrom he aims to do this because these are the two houses that took the rightful ownership of Galena from Icarus. Due to the Sovereign becoming aware of his plans he was exiled from house Meticulous and is a wanted man for treason.

Physical Characteristics: - Idou is lean and flexible. Grey eyes and grey hair are alternate effects that were caused by his feats activation, the hair became more stable but the deaging processes did not get rid of the stress he endured over his previous 80 years of life. 

Mental Characteristics: - Being raised as a Red Legionaire has left him mentally scarred, he was initally a man in love, he was then forced to enslave the one he loved and was told he could never love again, then he fell in love again and conceived a child. He was put to trial, sent to prison, watched as the lover of that time was raped, beaten, and shamed on a regular basis until he was numb again. Then he was forced to kill her as well. He would make his heir endure similar conditions that he went through to mold them into a worthy heir. He had to become the people he hated. This has all in all collectively left his mind in a state where he is capable of doing anything regardless of how cruel to get what he wants. The worse part to this being that he knows how to do many cruel things, and enjoys doing them.

Eighty Years of Torment

Idou started out as the son of a thief and a whore mother, he was what many called an urchin of society, a child destined to be shamed due to his parents inevitable downfall. The only thing that kept him from this fate was being hand picked by a Red Legionnaire at a young age, before he could even enlist in the program he was sent to dances, taught to mingle and woo women, as this was the most crucial part of being a legionnaire, the ability to love and be loved more than anything else in existence, his only downfall was that no women would ever go beyond a simple acquaintance with him. Instead he fell in love with a shamed women, who he was forbidden to marry, and forbidden to love. While he did love her, he was forced to marry another, and in secret he took his once shamed wife, made her a slave, and she would never leave his side, this is what saved her and condemned her.

Part 1 - An eye for an eye for the wicked...

Idou's wife was a cruel women, only agreeing to marry him because he had made something for himself and promised her a better life when he joined the Red Legion, additionally, she had wanted to avoid the skirmishes of the blood feud her former family and another family had. An affair that often saw her in the line of danger, so she left and married what she often referred to as a sorry excuse of a man, whose only redeeming quality was that he knew how to beg for his life. She would curse him for not giving her children or a bigger house, never providing enough for them. Idou would endure however, as now that he had finally married he could return to the Red Legion, and they would fix his problems of poverty in the end. Getting past all of the preliminary test saw many failures, and the initial Legionnaire who had hand picked him had grown tired of waiting and now had a apprentice and no longer needed one. The Red Legionnaires at the time were well known to have exited but no one really knew what they did. So as a means to discover why he could never pass the test he approached a Legionnaire and asked her what it meant to be a part of Red Legion to her. She simply smiled to him "An eye for an eye... for the wicked... when someone takes something from you you must take it back... not everyone is strong enough to do this... sometimes... only the wicked are capable of getting things that were taken back... so to simply put... being a Red Legionnaire to me... means you have to be wicked..." These words would ring in the back of the mind of Idou for months as he would fail and fail again.

Part 2 - Your cold intention, burn intuitions

Around the time of Idou's 6th anniversary with his wife, and the secret anniversary of his slave mistress, he had finally made it into the program, being handpicked by a female Legionnaire, He was to take all of his things and property, he and his wife would now be living with the legionnaire, and there names were to be changed to Icarus. The next ten years would be of hellfire, pain, emotional havoc, and solitude. Idou would spend his time training, the time that wasn't spent training was spent torturing his wife, which he took more pleasure in then he would like to admit. She had unknowingly signed away her life to him, unaware that she was to be killed and tortured for ten long years, she would always try to runaway, but per her contract doing so would make her shamed, and if she was shamed... no one would ever jump to her aid anyway. Idou's master never took much pleasure in watching him discipline her, but she always watched him, how he enjoyed punishing her. As if she was the reason for all the hatred he had for the world they lived in. The sessions they went through involved everything from oxygen deprivation to branding, then the usual whip and then the usual electrocution. This however only occurred during the first four years, that is until his master discovered that his mistress was with child.

Part 3 - Your slave born into a dark world of disease

Everything changed, this was not supposed to happen, this was tragic. Upon the realization that the only male within the mansion was Idou the only conclusion that could be drawn was that the child was Idou's which then began the investigation of if he even truly loved his wife, which his master had suspected. His training would go torture free for an entire nine months, as torturing a woman he didn't love did not have the desired effect. To corrupt him even further was the thought that his wife would be allowed to live, and that his mistress would instead be chosen to die. After his child was born, the torture continued but this time his wife was not alone, while his master cared for his daughter, he was to torture both his slave and his wife. Then came the emasculation, as each night his wife and his slave were forced to sleep with another man, and if they did not appear to love it, if they did not hate him enough to beg for another man's attention then he would have to punish them once more. This was hard at first, as when he failed to punish them correctly his master would punish him, and when the girls did not please their partners he had to punish them, and even then just to remind the trio of what they were responsible for sometimes they were punished for no reason. Unable to handle it, any further seeing what her life had become, his wife ended her own life.

Part 4 - Learning to love a Disaster

Lucky for him, his master allowed him to marry his true love, a slave, they were both her slaves now. They were passed around like meat, night after night. Idou would fight in slave arena's for wealthy gamblers, sleep with five or six women a night who loved to a barbarians whore for the night. His daughter was sold at the age of five, and he would never see her again. At Least with that, and one more task there was only one thing left to do. A Red Legionnaire is forbidden to have loved ones, he was taken to a ritual site where he and other potential heirs like him were gathered in a circle under the light of torches. Each of them hand bagged and gagged someone they loved more than anyone else in their lives and they stood over a mass grave site where many before them had done what they were all about to do. They performed a ritual, and in unison each of them slit the throats of their spouses and then pushed them into a hole where they would die. Idou was no longer, a slave at this point... but he was no longer a man either... the Red Legion had turned him into a monster. His heart was a black hole.

Part 5 - An Heir of Red Legion

Idou would spend the next seventeen years as an Heir to Red Legion serving his master and perfecting his studies, he had survived the ten long years of suffering and was ready to go back into society, but he found himself not caring, he had no further desires his life was empty. The only thing that remained was the death of his master, who was now an old woman with very little movement ability. He more than once thought putting her out of her misery, but after thinking of his time as a slave, he thought best to let her rot to death. Being an heir benefits while he was forbidden to a relationship he was able to drown his sorrows in women, wine, and wellness. When he wasn't doing that he had special assignments or trials that were designed to test his mental state, ensure that his heart was still the black hole they had designed it to be. Killing children who didn't deserve death, murdering entire families who had ties to enemies of meticulous, and should the need arise sending messages to outsiders in the shape of disembodied heads or women and men who had been toyed with a little to roughly in the groin. Idou had become what he hated, and somewhere deep down he did not but enjoy it.

Part 6 - A Red Legionnaire

With his master dead he was now tasked directly by the members of the dark council of meticulous, his job always remained the same where he was tasked with covertly doing the things that maintained order, and doing them in ways that would make grown men lock their doors at night and sleep with their weapons, for the entirety of his life he devoted all of his time and energy to the mayor and the sovereign, keeping meticulous in the state of power. While on the surface, everything seemed to be malevolent, crisp, proper, he was the crust in the corner, a mixture of blood sweat and tears that made Meticulous what it was, he would lead the Red Legion and understand its origins the dark truths of what had to be done in order maintain the bleak society that everyone else was so happy with. It was shortly after taking in his first and last apprentice that he wanted to change things.

Part 7 - The Calamity

After hearing of an event that was soon coming, that would cut Lumos from the major continents of the land, the now old man put into place a series of actions that could never be undone, he would have all of the heirs kill their masters, and they were either freed or killed when seeking their right to become a Legionnaire, All except Ichiro who couldn't know of all of the things that were about to happen, instead Ichiro was to be killed to ensure that the Red Legion would die with Idou so that once it was dead it could never be resurrected. Things however did not go according to plan, He was far to slow in his movements while he did ensure that he was the last living Red Legionnaire he was proven to be to weak in his old form to kill his strong willed apprentice. On what he thought was his deathbed he had only wished to get the time he lost back, so that he could do the work that still needed to be done. He wanted vengeance on the system, the system that turned him into what he was, He cursed Meticulous, he cursed the Red Legion, and he cursed the founders of both houses. He begged the forces of nature for his youth and his wish was mysteriously granted.

Part 8 - Vengeance
Gaining his youth, was something he had not predicted, and with his youth he had done what he had always been trained to do. The Assassination of Archimedes au Syracuse the Sovereign of Meticulous was committed by the Last Red Legionnaire, granted access into his chambers by the current Sovereign Malik au Bakuran. Hopeful that the house would fall apart without its leaders. His next step would be to hunt down and kill his apprentice in which he hired Belinda au Maelstrom to complete the task. As he was to remain in hiding due to house Draconians army hunting him. He is currently in hiding waiting for his next chance to destroy the society that destroyed him.

Idou's Hit List

Malik au Bakuran
Margrete au Meticulous
Johnathon au Cabal
Ichiro au Icarus
Belinda au Maelstrom
Sevro au Scarlet
Phredrix au Asmodean

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