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General Stats:

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Character of the Month: Joseph au Thrautal
The Plague Knight of Maelstrom

Administrative News:

So in admin news, we have seen an increase in admin productivity, and we have promoted to of our helpers to full blown staff. Soliloquy and Marcyllene have both been added to the ranks to assist better with everything in the forum. Meanwhile, Bez has stepped away from the Discord chat until further notice. He is still on the forum, posting, and you can always reach him via private message on discord.

His tag is Bezyle#4487 if you need to speak to him. You can also contact Stim, Sol, Marcy, BunBun, and Kiyo if you require to get to him as quickly as possible.

Additionally, we have a new area for things of a fun nature. It is a place you can be creative or make a profit selling your creativity. You can also give it out for free but go check out the original forum. [x]

In Development/In Effect: (These are all testing things, and we ask you all participate in them so that we can make the forum better)
Forum Indicators for Plot - with the main plot thread that will categorize where it is and the timeline of events. The home page will always have updates on it.

No more than four characters allowed per topic unless all players give consent and recognize that this will slow down the replying speed of said topic.

Characters are now authorized to be on two topics at a time, but if they enter battle they can not continue in any other topics until the fight is over. If you are a killable character, before continuing the battle, you must wrap up your other topics, or not touch the other topics until the battle is over. Additionally, you are required to keep a personal timeline for that character in the Plotting thread.

The Story Drive:

So we have lots of headlines today... in house Maelstrom there is currently a dispute or meeting with house Discord, which at the moment one can't tell if they are all hostile towards one another or best friends. Only time will tell, as the story unfolds. One should pay attention though as Discord is definitely up to no good... someone is killing babies.

Meanwhile house Meticulous and Draconian are preparing their plans for taking down the other houses. They aim to bring order to Lumos and Gale, but the Sovereign may not like everyone's plans... or... rather the Sovereign may end up killing everyone based on the intentions of others, one should be wary of the holidays... people will do anything for food these days.

The battle for the dam continues, it has been nothing but brutal bloodshed. There is currently no end in sight, but it looks like some of the Pandemonium members managed to get inside. Now they must find a way out and find a way past the captain of the mutiny before they end up being dinner.

Sub Goals:

The Lumos and Gale Bingo Book:
(List of characters everyone wants dead) message Bez for details.

The Sperm Whale of West Side Docks,
Octavia ra Chelle the Librarian
Sevro au Scarlett the Captain of Mutiny

Good Quotes -
“Focus on the now of things, you never know when you might die.” - Marcyllene Syrox
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