Name: - Rayne Clause la Koue

Guild: - Warrior Guild

Gender: - Male

Age: - 21

Alignment: - Chaotic Good

Ethnicity: - German

Physical Characteristics: - (Reindeer Boy on the right) Rayne is about 5‘10“ (without antlers; with antlers he’s about 6’6”) and weighs in at about 150lbs. He’s a lean, mean, ass kicking machine. Packed full of muscles and powerful legs, he can kick a hole through almost anything with ease. He’s got deer spots on his upper arms that dance across his shoulders and part of his back. Unlike his brother, he’s got much longer hair that he usually has tugged up into a bun or a ponytail depending on what he’s doing at the time. More than likely can be seen dressed in attire that doesn’t suit his living area, but he’s a reindeer and doesn’t give a fuck. Though, he does dress appropriately when duty calls.

Since the Desolation, he’s been mutated into what can only be described as a reindeer man and he definitely uses that to his advantage in everyday life. Also likes to wear jingle bells around his ankles. Why? Why not.

Mental Characteristics: - Rayne is a trickster and shows it off all the time.His brother is the more “serious” one, but breaks that facade quickly. While he does enjoy playing pranks and goofing around, he doesn’t cross certain lines. However, there are other lines that he is more than willing to cross and often gets in trouble for it. He doesn’t care, he just makes a face and runs (flies) away.

Talents: -  Any and all fighting styles that deal with primarily kicking; proper antler care; hand to hand combat; small weapons mastery (knives, batons, things like that) 

Home: - Small cabin near the base of the mountain in Koue

Job: - Professional door kicker and face puncher (aka really good at fighting, perhaps fighter); Although, for a more professional job title, he’s basically a vigilante and toy maker.

Beast Mutation: - Reindeer antlers on his head, tail just above his ass, lower half of his legs are basically reindeer legs complete with hooves for optimal kicking power.

Bio: - Rayne was born Late one winter’s morning after putting his mother through at least 12 hours of labor. Why? Why not. Even as a baby his trickster ways became painfully apparent. Not saying he caused a lot of trouble for his older brother and parents when he was young, but he was still a good kid. Good ol’ Dad was Nicholas Clause la Koue, famed toy maker. He made his living crafting and selling toys as part of the merchant’s guild. Thinking his sons would follow in his footsteps, he made sure to teach them how to make toys and even employed them in his story sometimes as a marketing tool to get more kids to come in and purchase toys.

Things went on being good for them for years, the boy’s going to school for educational purposes.But that was boring. So they made it fun. Labeled as pranksters, they made a small gang of friends and made it a habit to lighten things up a bit for everyone in the area, students and teachers alike. Sure, they were hated by some, but adored by most and made some decent lasting memories. But their interests took other prospects when they decided to join the warrior’s guild. Their father was of course heartbroken by this. However, he didn’t really say anything about it. He was proud of his boys and let them do whatever they wanted.

He died a year before the Desolation hit. Their mother died after the Desolation took place. The boys became sick upon breathing in the smoky air. They recovered and found their bodies had mutated, reindeer like appendages replacing what had once been human. It was hard to adjust to. The Desolation had caused so much heartache with all the death and disruption, the boys decided that something had to be done. Who got the idea first is highly debated, but they took up their Father’s mantle and started making toys for the kids who had managed to survive. They’re still part of the warriors guild and they give the kids the toys for free.

In the midst of the chaos, the brothers have decided to dedicate themselves to trying to make other’s happy in the dark times while making sure to bring justice to everyone who needs it.

Religion: - Solinism - Lay’la, Matron of the Southern Winds. The boys do service in her name by bringing joy to the people of Isati, reminding them always that life is meant to be lived, not survived

Blessing: - Hark, The Reindeer Brothers Fly! Rayne and his brother can fly for a seemingly indefinite length of time, though only up to 15ft feet in the air. While they do this, they leave behind soft trails of snowflakes in their wake.

Character Goal: - Just wants to hang out with his older brother and kick down some doors and punch random people in the face. Why? Why not.