Name: Deerius Clause la Koue

Guild: Warrior Guild

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Ethnicity: German

Physical Characteristics:(Brother on the left) Deerius has more muscle in his upper body than his brother, more than likely the reason he does more of the face punching than Rayne. Deerius prefers to keep his hair shorter than his brother, and like his brother has a large pair of antlers growing from his head, though as with much of his body, his are larger. His upper torso is covered in soft brown spots that cover his chest, upper arms, and down his spine to just above his waist. Like his brother he has a small tail just above his butt, and his feet are hooves (disregard photo). He and his brother are of similar height, about 5’10”, but to top of antlers he is 6’8” and he weighs a bit more at 175lbs.

Mental Characteristics: Despite his appearances, Deerius is a bit of a trickster and loves having a laugh with his pals. He likes to pretend to be serious when he meets new people just to mess with them, but the facade doesn't last long before he's goofing off with his brother. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and doesn't always agree with the laws. This tends to get him and Rayne into trouble and they have been labeled as vigilantes on more than one occasion. Deerius is generous, something their father taught them from a young age, and goes out of his way to be kind of children when he finds the opportunity.

Talents: Deerius is a talented fighter, excelling in close range combat with hands, legs, and headbutts. As a member of the warrior guild he's also been trained in most indigenous weapons of Isati, and in desert survival skills.

Home: A small cabin at the base of the mountain in Koue

Job: Toy maker, face puncher, and door kicker

Beast Mutation: Deerius took on similar mutations to his brother. On his head is a rack of large antlers, on his back just above his butt is a small tail, and his feet are hooves. His skin has a smattering of soft brown spots. 

Bio: Deerius, was born only slightly before his brother, so he didnt have much of a life lived alone before his brother came along. They grew up together, got in trouble together, got in fights together,learned to make toys together. Their father, bless his heart, did his best to keep their wild sides under control, but Deerius was clever. A facade of seriousness got their father off them much faster, and kept the scolding down to a minimum. In school Deerius would get himself, and Rayne, in trouble for attacking bullies. Deerius refused to stand aside and watch someone unable to protect themselves be abused. Unfortunately these sorts of habits continued all the way up into the warriors guild. On more than one occasion Deerius, and inadvertently, his brother, found themselves being disciplined for getting into brawls with other soldiers who felt above the law. 

Their father died a year before the Desolation hit. Their mother died after the Desolation took place. The boys became sick upon breathing in the smoky air. They recovered and found their bodies had mutated, reindeer like appendages replacing what had once been human. It was hard to adjust to. The Desolation had caused so much heartache with all the death and disruption, the boys decided that something had to be done. Who got the idea first is highly debated, but they took up their Father’s mantle and started making toys for the kids who had managed to survive. They’re still part of the warriors guild and they give the kids the toys for free.

Religion: Solinism - Lay’la, Matron of the Southern Winds. The boys do service in her name by bringing joy to the people of Isati, reminding them always that life is meant to be lived, not survived.

Blessing: Hark, The Reindeer Brothers Fly!
Deerius and his brother can fly for a seemingly indefinite length of time, though only up to 15ft feet in the air. While they do this, they leave behind soft trails of snowflakes in their wake.

Character Goal: Deerius wants to protect his brother, and anyone else who cant protect themselves.