The Harbinger had reported back to his Lord Primus to deliver the message that the Phoenix had agreed to meet. That was when he was given his next assignment. He was allowed to rest for a few days before he managed to get up and trek himself over to Mutiny. It wouldn’t have been that long a walk had he not had to stop several times for a quick tongue bath of medicine. He was getting better slowly but surely. The intense amount of testing and exercise and whatever else those vile people in Discord put him through to get these limbs up and operational. It was a bit weird to have the other lick around his artificial eye, but it was throbbing and he needed it taken care of. They’d been gone for about a week. It seemed like a long time, but a couple days of that was hunting and fighting off a band of random looters who thought it might be funny to take Garl from Crisis. They learned their lesson. Well, the one that had survived did. The rest were made a very clear example of.

“I think this is the place, Crisis.” Said the attendant as he paused in front of what he could only describe as a large cement structure. Well, concrete. Steel? He wasn’t even really sure what it was. It just looked how their Lord Primus had described it. But where or how was he supposed to get in? He stood there puzzled as he observed the giant structure in front of him.

“We’ll make camp here for now.” He took the pack that he was wearing off and started to tug his tent out. “Or rather, we’ll camp just a little ways away. We’ll observe them for now. I want to make sure this is actually the place.” There was no doubt that this was actually the dam in which he was supposed to be at, but as he was unsure of how they would take his presences. If what Lord Primus said was true, he might be killed on sight. He was Pandemonium after all. However, he wasn’t here to harm. He was simply a messenger. He was on a peaceful mission, he would only attack if provoked.

So he observed their target (though they weren’t really a target in a sense) for at least two more days before he finally decided to make his presence known. Though, how he had planned on doing that he wasn’t sure. However, he was pretty sure that they knew he was there. That they were there. He had observed what he thought might have been people coming it and going out of the Dam. Patrols maybe? He knew the approximate time they would be coming out so he gathered up his and Garl’s things, walking them over to where they could definitely be seen, and waited. Mutiny would have to notice him eventually.