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descriptionThe City of Lumos [Guide]


City - [Lumos]

Siege Tower
The most expensive building in Lumos owned by the wealthy and most recent heir Heimlich Lumos. It’s original founder, Orin Icarus, having sold the deed to the town eighty years prior, made it so that the Tower remained the central hub for all business in the city. Standing at eighty stories tall, laden with golden letters depicting the logo of Lumos on each side, it is said that it houses floors protected, barricaded even, as well as floors wrought with anarchy, death, and wild freedom. It is rumoured that some have isolated themselves within the Tower’s walls, completely sustained by means of growing their own food and relying on rats for a consistent source of protein. Others say that those who have decided to live their lives in seclusion eat more than just the rats. Perhaps trespassing intruders, or worse… No one can be sure.***

Hops Town
Hops Town was one part shopping center, and one part housing community today it is home to most and a small market of sorts, the crafters and traders of the city come here to trade with others, while simultaneously banding  together to keep their community safe from those who would wish to do them harm as a collective. It is a leaderless town, most decisions coming to a vote, they often stay out of all other issues involving the city, many mothers flee here to raise children as doing so anywhere else seemed likely impossible. The community has a roaming guard at night as everyone does their part to maintain their own sense of order. Only taking in outsiders when that outsider provides something worthy of the town. They send regular shipments to who ever controls the Dam as to further maintain what little peace they can hold onto.

Icarus Campus
Icarus University, once a prestiged college level academy that focused on the great sciences of our time. Today it is somewhat of a desolate battle ground, knowledge left behind for experience with this new world. While there are no longer teachers at the school, the library, and computer lab still see use from time to time so long as the power in on. Books from all over, are single-handedly protected by the last librarian known as Octavia Ra Chelle. No one has ever liver to see what she does to protect those books, but after rumors of her killing and consuming The former Mutiny Leader Brax Yartholi no one dares disturb the library. The Dean of the campus still roams its halls as well, not gifted with the ability to transform, but due to him losing his sanity, he is now simply known as Icarus, the wanderer. A body without a soul.

Terra Complex
An old apartment complex that despite all the chaos has managed to stand and is still hospitable to a majority of the people who live here. Due to violence life here is a difficult one for most, but it is an ideal recruitment ground for all of the families. This is one place where the battles are frequent, but are in a civilized and honor based interaction, as opposed to the usual guerilla warfare tactics that are commonly seen.

City Hall
The territory of House Draconis, after the mayor died, house draconian attempted to take the entire city, and bring it under martial law, this was met with great resistance, and they lost a majority of their territories, now they primarily reside in city hall, where they plot and plan to take the city back and bring forth order. City hall is a dedicated infrastructure with the national guard, and local police force being in close proximity.

East Se Prison
Close to City hall rest the prison, which despite two jailbreaks, has remained intact, now a dungeon of sorts for House Draconis. Though they had to make several modifications, to handle the new capabilities of the prisoners that live here. They find themselves capable of holding prisoners of war.

Subway tunnels
The subways used to run a connection outside of the city, today it is what many theorist believe is keeping the island a float.
A pocket of air that somehow hadn’t flooded with water despite being underground, and below sea level. It is home to those of us who became nocturnal creatures and fled away from the light. It is also home to many who lost their homes, having nowhere to flee during storms. There is a single train that still operates, that will take you from the north to the south part of town. Anyone that knows how can operate it, but no one claims it due to the overall hostility the nocturnals have for anyone who attempts to.

Orin Mall
Completely and utterly destroyed the mall was the first place to see mass looting, murder, and many say was the center of chaos for the Sons of Discord, There is nothing left to loot, and once people grew aware of the traps that awaited any who came here, it eventually became forgotten about. A land that no one ever ventured, except the few who made it the way it is. Every Once in awhile someone would venture in, only to be caught by a trap, and abandoned by his comrades, where he would later be served up on an open fire. The mall is often decorated with entrails and inedible organs.

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descriptionOrin Dam

Dam - [Orin Bridge]

Level 1 - Bridge/Walkway connected the city and village - Earth
Littered with old rusty abandoned vehicles, the bridge is an area of great turmoil, dead bodies human, animal, and mid transformation litter the ground. It goes mostly unlooted simply thanks to it being the most concentrated area of Houses against Houses, Families reaching for control and foundation. Everyone knows that this is the place to do it, and to make it onto the middle of the bridge into the entrance of the other levels was already death sentence enough, but to come out of those doors, after going in them gave you the right to create your own house. Anyone who could survive being in the bridge for more than a few weeks was instantly recognized as someone worth following, and through those means is how house mutiny’s laws came into existence. A soul that would touch the depths of Heaven and Hell, and then come back to earth would forever be known as the Scorian Knight.

Level 2 - Water Collection - Heaven
Once inside of the aqueducts of Orin, many could see how the dam functioned, how the society was able to take control of the energies surrounding it. Water came in from the ocean that surrounded the dam, and the two islands. That water was then sent through a series of water purifiers, which also acted as pipes that went into the city, providing fresh water for all, even better, was that the same water would be filtered in a machine using momentum of the water flow to power the two cities, a limitless ocean now meant limitless power. So long as maintenance kept the dam running. The people who maintain the dam today do so out of love, honor, and respect. Anyone who wished to challenge the leader of Mutiny could do so, he would be given the right to rule, they would be given the right to work. The workers of ice and water, the masters of water flow, and survival would be known as Auroran Knights.

Level 3 - Control Center - Purgatory
The control center, is where everything happens on the bridge, it controls the solar panels on the bridge, the water collection pipes in the dam, the flow of the water, and it controls which generators get power, and which generators do not. It is here that the captain of Mutiny flexes his control, and you can only be captain if you are more honorable than anyone else. While on the water collection floors, the bridges, and in the depths of the generators all hell was allowed to break loose. The control center monitored that hell, granting victors of disputes opportunities take the throne of Mutiny. Many houses would send their young, and brightest minds to take the throne, with the hopes that brainwashing them to put family above self would join house Mutiny to their own houses, at least that's what they thought when a youngling killed Brax the Sea Stallion, but instead of unite the power of Mutiny with his own house, he kept the power of Mutiny for himself, thus holding true the original name of house Mutiny. The workers of the control Center who were loyal to their king were known as the Precipitate

Level 4 - Generators - Hell
The hot metal glows bright red, lighting the underground as a constant vibration rumbles through the depths, the area is constantly covered in blinding hot steam, the humidity in the air being unbearable for most. The area smells of piss, sweat, and burning death. This is foundation of what is now society, the bowels of hell, the source of all power. The generators are located scattered throughout the area, each one labeled with its respective area or district, each one providing power despite old age and less than perfect maintenance due to the conditions. Those who come here are known as the Inimitable, and to come back as a Inimitable means to have no greater honor.

descriptionGale Village

Village - [Galeville or Gale Village]

Pawlentree Forest
Low rolling hills, cover the land with hints of brown from the bark poking through weeds and vines that have ensnared the trees. Dandelions bloomed giving the forest its name as pollen so thick it could be seen wafting in the wind. The mention of the forest would make those with allergies tear up, and there nose and throat would itch, but for others it was a forest of beauty. Club houses of a time forgotten littered the higher areas of the tree. Tobacco grew wild here, and the nights are filled with the clean burn as villagers and city dwellers alike would occasionally enjoy.

Gress Mountain
The mountain is home of the Golden Shrines, and a series of natural and not so natural caves. The mountain was once rumored to have high gold deposits, the rumor being that the shrines were built using the gold mined out from the mountain. The abandoned mines today are now home for the wild.

Golden Shrines
A series of shrines with golden arches the entrance being next to an abandoned quick mart, the shrines were  used for prayer to just about any deity one could think of. It was and always has been a place of peace its borders existing between the mountains and the hills, there were a series of steps that go up Gress mountain that can take you to the top where a snowy mountain top awaits. Its takes an entire day (twelve hours) to get to the top via the steps, hence why the shrines were originally built as rest stops. A total twelve, with a meditation temple that is untouched by the chaos below.

BrickHill Condominiums
A series of three story four bedroom condos, sitting on hills with roads made from bricks. The windows were covered in bars, not to keep people in, but to keep people out. The front yards were covered with crops that were used to provide for the populous of the city, being traded for other necessities, money being worthless. There were a total of four lakes each one with a different kind of fish, and tunnels that were completely submerged underwater. Barns and abandoned farms were deeper in the area.

The Docks of WestSide
Mossy stones cover a beach with an endless ocean that splashes waves against a sparkling sand covered shore. Wooden Docks on one side, with abandoned boats, some of them sunk and trapped in the sand never to sail again. On the other silent warehouses locked away by rusted doors as untamed weeds grow up from the concrete around the rustic blue shades of steel walls. A single light house can be seen out in the distance.

Orin Cemetery
Gravestones belonging to our founding fathers spread vast and wide across a dirt trail, their corpses killing the life around them, the only sense of brightness coming from it being the light tower that centers the area. What used to guide ships in the night now stands with no source of light, no source of power cut off from the city for the most part, and no ships able to make the trip there it is a beacon, of what once was, back when the city was connected to other cities. Like the lighthouse in the vast sea, we are alone with no one to guide us, after we have guided so many.

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