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descriptionTemero au Andromedus

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Temero au Andromedus
The Viper Child of Discord




Chaotic Neutral


Physical Characteristics
Temero has little to no body fat, his features very angular and pronounced. Hes nearly of a height with his father, though still has a few inches before they could be considered the same height. His eyes are silvery grey, and his hair is a pale silvery blonde. He stands straight, though not nearly as stern as his father. The skin of his body is rarely ever seen. He wears a long sleeved coat over a long sleeved shirt, slacks, long socks, and gloves at all times.

Mental Characteristics
Temero understands his position as his father's son very well. As such he does his best to maintain the same level of composure and calm as his father, though his age sometimes betrays him. Not unkind, but not known for his warmth. Temero rarely allows people close enough to touch him, a lingering effect from an assassination attempt. He does have a vindictive side and has on occasion shown a cruel sense of retribution. He has few friends, and fewer allies, but few too are his enemies.

At a young age Temero demonstrated an aptitude for sword play and has become a well trained fighter. Because of his upbringing he also learned to dance, play a variety of instruments, has some skill with a needle and thread, and a skillet.

Floors 75 and 76 of the Siege Tower

Deus Dominus Heir/Slaver

Animal Form

Temero's life has been interesting. From a young age he understood his life was dependent on self-reliance. His father was never unkind, but being the son of a Deus Dominus came with certain expectations. Temero learned from a young age that certain behaviors were expected of him, and certain skills had to be learned to survive. And of course there were the assassination attempts. After the second time his father had to save his life, he was taught to defend himself. He demonstrated aptitude with sword and Bezyle made sure he was trained to excellence.

Being surrounded by slaves would normally make someone unable to perform certain tasks but Temero never allowed himself to be doted on. He learned to cook, learned to clean his own clothing, and even learned a little bit of medicine from observing his father's work. Not that he doesnt make use of his own slave, but Temero has to remind himself to stay humble every once in a while.

The Calamity made things...DIFFERENT

Since the fog rolled through Temero has felt a hatred growing inside him. Lashing out in anger at those who displease him, he understands theres something different, but whether he will try to work against it remains to be seen. The assassination attempts continued and increased in brutality. The last one who attacked Temero?

Kidnapped from his room. Temero awoke in a room, naked and tied to a chair. The man... wasnt gentle. He held Temero for days forcing feeding him just enough food or water to stay alive. In that room, Temero died inside and dreamed of a world in decay. A world of rot. His only escape from the prison of his flesh was a dream world where flesh burned away. When he awoke the ropes were gone and he had only one thing on his mind.

The state they found his attacker in made the stomachs of even some staunch fighters roll. Like flesh melted slowly. His death was slow and painful, and he was kept awake for all of it. Its been a long time since someone made and attempt on Temero's life, but the screams from the Siege Tower continue anyways.

Body of Corruption: Temero oozes poison, literally. His skin, sweat, and blood all contain toxins. Right after contact the target will start to feel disoriented, after a few minutes there pain receptors will be set on high, the next few minutes come with hallucinations and slow organ failure, and full death after one dose will come after two hours. If the toxin is applied through one of its fluid forms, and isnt cleaned off within a few minutes, it will start to burn skin. Continuous contact with the toxins will accelerate this effect, as will large doses of it.

Character Goal
To succeed his father and carry on his work when the time comes. The family name must continue as it always has.

descriptionRe: Temero au Andromedus

Good afternoon, Temero au Andromedus! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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