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descriptionArch General Margrete Meticulous


Name: - Arch General Margrete Meticulous

House: - Draconian

Gender: - Female

Age: - 29

Alignment: - Lawful Neutral

Ethnicity: - African American

Physical Characteristics: - Tall for a woman 5'11 weighting 170 pounds. stands very stocky and stern. Brown hair is taken care of only in public scenarios.
Mental Characteristics: - Flips the switch on nice and sweet to aggressive and down to business. Is very positive publicly and is very positive unless bothered.
Talents: - Very good at inspiring people, evoking confidence in the most spineless of creatures while simultaneously turning the most confident person spineless.
Home: - In a lavish home passed down from family.
Job: - Arch General

Animal Form : Grizzly Bear

Bio: -

Margrete was born very wealthy and was always taught to be a good girl. Dress nicely, treat others nicely but as a wealthy meticulous there was always a danger, so while she was learning how to be a good wife and a good daughter she also was very strictly and harshly trained in martial weapons of all sorts. Even though she was incredibly accident prone in practice she quickly dispersed any rumors from  her “adversaries” in her age group as someone to be reckoned with. This nature carried on far into her adult years, her suave nature in the politics was only matched by a mighty ferocity unlike anyone has ever seen.  
When the Calamity struck Margarete hardly noticed, she was so enveloped in her schooling and her family was so secure the madness below hardly even affected her livelihood. To Margret, the state of the people did not matter, she was constructed from birth to breathe, sleep, and exist as a leader and she took that to heart and soul.
When Margrete began her teens she ran charity events providing food and shelter for people to encourage people's positive look on the star child. The grateful people she stood by were quick to realize her seating would make a great bargaining chip but with all their might to capture the girl they were only met with the savagery of a bear. An 80% transformation left her dizzy and confused back home. The dizzying effects of a high percentile transformation left a mental mark on her outlook.
After that day Margrete never seemed to recover completely. Her mentality hardened towards her goals and nothing would stand in her way as she climbed the ranks. Whether it was politicians or landowners threatening to take her wealth or her fame she continued her rise. Margrete's headstrong and forward thinking destroyed all that stood in her way. With a pretty last name and her powerful outward presence, it makes people wonder why it took her so long to be nominated and eventually selected to be Arch General Margrete in the first place.

Feat: - Nothing For Now!

Character Goal: - Margrete's goal is to be the very best she can ever be. She wants to be the strongest of her craft, the strongest in her role, and have nothing stand in her way. Her eyes are set on the top of the food chain.


descriptionRe: Arch General Margrete Meticulous

Good afternoon, Margrete Meticulous! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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