Name: -
Your name is a part of who you are, a part of your spirit. Given names are important because families have moved and changed over time. The Stones of one city may be much more renowned than the Stones of another, so it's important when addressing people also to announce where you’re from. If your first name is Nahr, and your last name is Saied, you also need to say where you are from to avoid confusion. If you are from Dhupa, kind of as opposed to Awila, you may go from being known as a bandit to a respected trader.  

Nahr Saeid la Dhupa and Nahr Saeid la Awila are two completely different people.

If you have a title you may be known by, it will come after your name, but before your home name. If you’re renowned for your brutal practices of treating slaves, you may be known as

Nahr Saeid the Bloody Butcher la Dhupa

(Note: la means from or of)
(Note: Slaves lose their place of origin name)

Guild: - See Guilds
Remember to be thorough in your research in regards to the guilds. You must play the part or be labeled as a potential spy for another guild. You can have one main guild, but you can dabble in others. If you would like a more formal explanation on the mindset of the guilds do not hesitate to ask as it is one of the most favorite subjects among admins. 

Gender: -
You and your character are allowed to identify as whatever you please unless your character is a slave or becomes enslaved, then it is to be noted that your master decides your gender by whatever means your master chooses. 

Age: -
For reasons of plot development all characters must be of age 12 or older, exceptions can be made for a good reason; please take questions concerns and comments to admins. 

Alignment: - Alignment Test  
Take the test as if you were the character not as if you were yourself, but you may also take it as if you were yourself for the fun of it.

Ethnicity: -
Be who you want to be, or who you were drawn as the choice is yours.

Physical Characteristics: - 
(Height, Weight,  Lean, etc.) Be as Descriptive as possible.

Mental Characteristics: - 
(Phobias, Quirks, Habits, etc.) Be as Descriptive as possible.

Talents: - 
Anything your character has a natural aptitude for, as in things he/she did not have to try very hard to accomplish on a regular basis. 

Home: -
This is where you sleep at night, not where you come from, where you come from is to be listed in your character history. 

Job: -
Jobs can only be those specified on the character slots. However, anyone can request a job be on the character slots list, as we can't know everything, and could not think of any more jobs. You can find the job list here.

Beast Mutation: -
As per listed in the rules you can be almost any animal, but individual animals of a mythical nature require permission. Due to there being a jungle region, it's also possible to have twisted plant mutation. However, you can only have one or the other, not both. Or neither. Mutations are not always pretty, and nearly impossible for most people to control, leaving some people in a permanent state of semi animal characteristics that can impede everyday life. It's important to note exactly what parts of the body are changed because of a growing societal dynamic of people whoses changes are more or less complete looking down on those hindered by their change.

Bio: -
This is the meat and potatoes, anything that is not already listed within the character sheet should be listed here, it should explain unique traits about your character such as physical strength, speed, beauty, intelligence. It should also give a detailed outline of the past month for your character, how they survived, how they ended up with the job they have now. 

Religion: -
The people of Isati are deeply spiritual and atheism is rare in the population, something thats looked down upon and generally considered a serious character flaw. The majority of the population have little time to learn every part of their religion, instead choosing to focus on venerating a specific god or two who usually have an important role to play in their daily lives. A farmer cares little for the god of war, perhaps instead choosing to venerate a god of the river or agriculture. 

Blessing: - 
Certain member of the population have found that their deep faith, when combined with special rituals done each day, have given them an extraordinary blessing from their deity of choice. Once acquired, they never seem to go away. 

(Note: These are the Isati equivalent of feats and follow the same rules. Must be approved by staff)

Character Goal: - 

This is the most required thing of all things within your character sheet, it must be a long-term goal, something you know you will have to work harder than just one forum thread to achieve. Examples include becoming the head of a guild, freeing the slaves of Isati, or receiving recognition from the Emperors. These goals can be used should you not be able to think of anything else. We encourage creativity, not only when creating this goal but when accomplishing it, say your goal is to free the slaves, to throw a challenge onto it I would say free the slaves as diplomatically and peacefully as possible.